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August 4, 2017
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August 4, 2017

Turn an old cardboard box into a parking garage play place! If your kids love toy cars, they’ll love this fun and easy craft. See the full post here:

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Crafts for Kids is a weekly series that encourages parents and kids to spend time together making fun and simple projects. Brought to you by PBS Parents and Salsa Pie’s Caroline Urdaneta. Music provided by Freeplay.



  1. Thanks Megan! It was definitely a hit with our crew!

  2. Sian Long says:

    Why can't I view this on my iPhone?

  3. Hi Sian, I am not sure. I just checked and I was able to watch the whole thing on my phone… I wish I could be more help! Are you just unable to see the video at all?

  4. Great project! Love the recycling the cardboard.

  5. Thanks Spramani! So glad you enjoyed it!

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