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August 11, 2017
DIY Bandana Drool Bib (…pattern included)
August 11, 2017

Øistein shows how to make a cardboard tractor. Use a box as big as yourself so you can fit inside!

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  1. Rikki Gentry says:

    what was in the box wen shipt?????.

  2. Rikki Gentry says:

    what was in the box wen shipt ?

  3. rhoda sutton says:

    Paint the tractor red

  4. FXGURU Video says:

    after paiting it spray paint it with shine

  5. FXGURU Video says:

    better make a hole under and you put hoverboard inside and ride the hoverboard

  6. Dana Clow says:

    Can you do a miniature tractor?

  7. Can you cut the windows out so that you could play with it?please respond 😉😃😬🙂😘😗😆😄🙂😌🙃😇☺️😗🙃😍😍☺️😬😀😅😇☺️😕😕🤐

  8. omg I always like your videos

  9. Make a tank that fires.

  10. Bushra Tariq says:

    can u plz tell me size of box??

  11. Box Yourself says:

    🚗 You can also make this car:

  12. Dhruv Dabas says:

    Try to make a vampire coffin

  13. Dhruv Dabas says:

    Try a action figure

  14. Doris M. says:

    can we use a tall roll instead of 3 rolls

  15. rhoda sutton says:

    Paint in every episode

  16. Could you do a life sized car cockpit? Or plane cockpit? Something an adult would fit in.

  17. you are asum craving I what to craf wife yoy

  18. really amazing😍

  19. yeah thats a Picathu cat. Thank you☺

  20. Alene Garcia says:

    Lindo… faz mais arte sobre bombeiros.

  21. You didn't go you just playing

  22. Ben de kardeşimle yapmayı düşünüyorum yapalımı

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