Cinderella Craft – How to Make a Princess Crown & Magic Wand – w/ Crafty Carol at Cool School)

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July 2, 2017
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Learn how to make a crown for Cinderella and a magic wand fit for a fairy godmother!


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  1. can you make a minecraft sword craft please if you do it tell me if you requested this. Thanks! 😊

  2. Can you do a Cinderella dress craft

  3. hhxcb 😚😂😅😍😣😗

  4. S Bhasker says:

    can you please make an Ariel inspired craft

  5. I One the staring contest

  6. Can you do a girl crafted

  7. can you do a barbie craft please

  8. kdyson09 says:

    i love your vids soooooooooo much gliter qween

  9. kdyson09 says:

    plz do a ladybug craft

  10. make a beauty and the beast craft and make a boss baby craft plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  11. Tasha Evans says:

    can you diamondcare

  12. you can do an olaf s head

  13. Vithaly Kay says:


  14. please please do a fox craft

  15. can you do a tinkerbel kraft

  16. Yes can you do a under water craft please

  17. can you please do aminion craft please………………………………………………………………………………………….

  18. Please do a frozen craft 🙂😊

  19. can you do a better and beast craft please

  20. Can you make a Belle craft

  21. Manha Manha says:

    can u show us how to make a DIY mini house and mini book smallest

  22. Do a Disney nightlight and can it be Moana with Maui

  23. Erika Labra says:

    pleas make a shapkins jornol

  24. Maira Tahir says:

    Can you make a princess craft?

  25. Can you do a Disney manona craft please crafty carol

  26. Nazia Ali says:

    please a dress with a bag

  27. Can you make a cindrella beados

  28. you know when that prince was looking at your crown that princess should be angry because that princess was his girlfriend

  29. I won the staring contest

  30. Anna Valvo says:

    Woud you make a craft off the new lalaloopsy serius of netfix?

  31. Anna Valvo says:

    The new serius is cald "we're lalaloopsy" got it?

  32. can you do a Rapunzel craft

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