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Some Fall Decor Inspiration (…I know, a little early!)
August 8, 2017
How to Make Polymer Clay Coffee Cups
August 8, 2017

Learn to make Santa from a cardboard box! All you need is some paint and scissors!

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  1. Your the best builder of carboard

  2. Phyllis Hall says:

    what how can you come

  3. Caitlyn Eby says:

    where do you get the cardboard

  4. I love your cardboard diys

  5. i wish i have many box and cardboard i want to do it like you. you are awesome maker of boxes and making good to yourself and many things you can do in box drawing,paint,add,and cut awesome ☺😊☺😊😀😁😍😛😜😎

  6. u are awesome box yourself keep it up hope u make more videos

  7. Isn't the little box kinda anoyying

  8. I love watching your video.keep it up. 🙂

  9. Emily Lee says:

    This was perfect for my little brother he loves santa

  10. Wow! Instead of trowing your cardboards you can make arts with it 🙂

  11. can you make spongebob

  12. Kaiden Colby says:

    I asked my mom for card board and the water proof paint 😃😃😃

  13. Kaiden Colby says:

    and u r awesome keep it up!😎

  14. I love box your self . Can you make a rain deer?

  15. am I the only one that gets mad that if you do it,it will look like scribble bob

  16. very gooooooooooooooooooooooood

  17. Darrin Viers says:

    I did to of your crafts

  18. dejansavicbl says:

    Can you please be so kind to explain how to make Santa from toalet paper roll? Thank you

  19. 😘🎅❤👄💓💔💗

  20. it's a marker not a marker pen!?!?!

  21. Joseph Lees says:

    I am going to do this

  22. box yourself where are you buy the colors?

  23. eu adorei isso I loved it vou fazer tks likelike sub

  24. hfjxbp vipcjc jcmyv szzvwwhuuc

  25. kevin g says:

    can I use markers

  26. i can also put laquer on santa to make him shiny also right.?

  27. can you make a box parrot house

  28. Sunny Wolf says:

    how do you get all of this Bockes

  29. How meen to box, because you said "smelly old cardboard". 🧀 ✋

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