DIY Recycled Art and Crafts Ideas for Kids: How to Make Pig’s Family from Plastic Bottles

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July 13, 2017
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July 14, 2017

Here is one more creative diy project from Recycled Art Ideas for kids. Today you’ll learn how to make whole pig’s family from plastic bottles. Best out of waste craft! Please thumb up! Previous Recycled Bottles Crafts video:
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  1. # Teri says:

    it's a very very beautiful. 😛

  2. I loved it as soon as I saw this I got a water bottle that I drank and I used it for this and I love pigs
    Reply this 🐖❤️if you did it to

  3. Yo le hubiera puesto a la verdura marchitas,parece mortadela! jeje

  4. how would you make a coyote?

  5. may I ask what paint did you use to paint the pigs? is it acrylic paint?

  6. Great video. I have sub your channel. if you have time please visit my channel and please subscribe. Thanks

  7. now l now loads of bottle crafts

  8. Saba Fatima says:

    Hi gùýš Ñicely made

  9. Putra Nangka says:

    wha u used to colouring botle…?

  10. very nice good morning suburbs

  11. How many bottles does it take to make this?

  12. Arun Rana says:

    get the freakmfrom my home

  13. what kind of paint did u use?

  14. honey gem says:

    soo cute! just the thing I was searching for…….

  15. sidhu Bendre says:

    very good craft and I cant belive this this happened in India is too goooooooood

  16. What paint did you use

  17. Am talking about the light and dark pink paint

  18. very nice all videos thanks you

  19. how dumb are you you didn't even show how you made the ears

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