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HOW TO DRAW A BUTTERFLY – Simple Kids Crafts
July 16, 2017
Crafts for kids (transportation) | Art works for kids by BabyA Nursery channel
July 17, 2017

Have a blast with these DIY rockets! Construct a rocket out of recycled items and household materials, then countdown to your very own liftoff and fly around! See the full post here:

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Crafts for Kids is a weekly series that encourages parents and kids to spend time together making fun and simple projects. Brought to you by PBS Parents and Salsa Pie’s Caroline Urdaneta. Music provided by Freeplay.



  1. Add littleBits to this rocket and you can make it beep, light-up and shake.

  2. Fun idea littleBits TV! Thanks for the tip!

  3. oh too cool! My son and daughter would love making these. Thanks Salsa Pie!!!

  4. Thanks Celina–I know they will have a "blast" ! 😉

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