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July 8, 2017
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July 9, 2017

In this crafts for kids episode, celebrate spring with a mini DIY terrarium made from a glass jar, a twig and some colorful tissue paper. This craft makes a great gift and facilitates conversation with your child about the changing seasons. Do you see blossoms on the trees outside? What do you see before the flowers bloom? Can you create a different terrarium for each season? What would each terrarium look like? For the full craft, click here:

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Crafts for Kids is a weekly series that encourages parents and kids to spend time together making fun and simple projects. Brought to you by PBS Parents and Salsa Pie’s Caroline Gravino. Music provided by APM.



  1. Greg Huff says:

    +PBS Parents This is so cute!

  2. TinkerLab says:

    That's super cute!

  3. nitekiller97 says:


  4. Okaser1227 says:

    this isn't a real tree 🙁 I'm disappointed I thought this video would show an actual tree for a terrarium.

  5. Wee Sing says:

    If you need an activity for your kids, check out Wee Sing and usher in Spring with fun, educational songs!

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