Easter Crafts for Kids : How to Dye an Easter Egg with Rubber Bands

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July 5, 2017
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Get tips for using rubber bands on Easter eggs in this free video clip about easy Easter crafts for children.

Expert: Stacey Scheideler
Bio: Stacey holds a bachelors of science in education and human sciences, with an endorsement in inclusive early childhood education, specializing in birth to third grade education.
Filmmaker: Jon Olson



  1. you are monotone and need to use a fun voice. i thought it was bad …. your voice made the video bad

  2. pbathan27 says:

    I like this. Thanks for sharing!

  3. diynstuff says:

    you didn't make an easter egg with rubber bands like you said at the end.
    you made a design with rubber bands and easter eggs

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