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July 2, 2017
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July 3, 2017

Learn how to teach young children to make a bumble bee arts and crafts project from clothes hangers. Get expert tips and advice on arts and crafts for kids at preschool through elementary school ages in this free instructional video.

Expert: Debbie Noah
Bio: Debbie Noah is an elementary school teacher at Bedford Heights Elementary in Bedford, TX. She has been teaching over 30 years.
Filmmaker: Drew Noah



  1. cadge20 says:

    what the heck did u use to put the yellow over the hangar?!?

  2. snip! snip!
    pointless project.

  3. Moxey Cat says:

    Like this project a lot. Thank you 😀

  4. Neil Gerada says:

    nice craft dan il craft sabih
    ajma kemm jaffeg malti dan

  5. Great vid.
    "sloppo taco glue"…love it!

  6. Ron Maier says:

    Check out these really cool kids hangers!!

  7. bugziron says:

    wow,good art craft

  8. lynx says:

    i did this a long time ago

  9. Kitija gunta says:

    thats stupid it looks like he cant carry his own weight cause how fat he looks

  10. @Sku11FaZ3 your the one that stupid my daughter has learned alot of stuff the one who mostly uses my laptop to make vids on youtube is my older daughter and my baby girl and baby boy are very happy expert village has these videos cause they learn alot of expert village

  11. Fabdeelous says:

    that is adorable, but can u show us how u put the yellow paper on the hanger?

  12. I made this bumblebee and looks terrible. I managed to make a way better one out of a margarine container. What a stupid craft, you should take this video down.

  13. This is confusing!!!!!

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