Elephant Shirt DIY – Crafts for Kids w/ Crafty Carol – Cool School & DJC Kids

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July 15, 2017
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July 16, 2017

Check out Carol’s video with Edgar at DJC Kids right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zTc8uS3YHw

Crafty Carol gets a visit from Edgar the Elephant from DJC Kids, so she makes an easy DIY elephant sweatshirt in honor of her guest! This is a no-sew craft, using just fabric paint. So have fun and let Carol know what craft tutorial you want to see next!

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  1. sami sam says:

    Do some crafts with miss booksy

  2. Freeman Lui says:

    Can you make a Chapstick

  3. I did not know elephants are blue. I thought they were grey.

  4. Juan Trevino says:

    Craft a glow up head band😀

  5. plz make an science craft

  6. can you make a mother's day craft pleeeeeese

  7. i have made robot mask like you did

  8. Hina Farooqi says:

    Crafty carol can you make a bi… Craft🚥🌋🏖🏝⛰🏁🏁🚅🚔🚊

  9. Rrnold Mil says:

    Can. You. Make. A. 1dollar

  10. jen germana says:

    Really elephants are great but it's still looks good!😊

  11. Can you please make a stress ball. Please please please please please. 💛💜💙❤️💚💗

  12. Find The difference

  13. l have been a fan sins I was 2

  14. David Meda says:

    make your own dress by trash can bags

  15. CaliToys says:

    It's really great, perfect

  16. Asfa Ali says:

    next time can you pleas pleas pleas make a superhero t-shirt

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