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July 8, 2017
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July 8, 2017

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DIY Fun food craft: Simple and easy to make chocolate bowl with balloon craft by 4 years old.

Importance of ART & Craft:
ART helps children to develop their visual-spatial skills which are very essential to understand, analyse and perform any task.
Art enhances imagination and also helps children to put their ideas on paper.
So allow them to make their own creations with variety of art supplies without any restriction and displaying kid’s art also boost their creativity and confidence. While they are deciding on colours, pictures they learn decision making also.
Crafts: while making crafts children requires hand-eye co-ordination what we call as motor skills which are essential to do our daily activities like writing, eating, dressing. While making crafts they also learn focus and control.

So always encourage your children to participate in more art and crafts activities.

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