How to Entertain a Kid You’re Babysitting

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Here’s how to babysit a child and keep the stimuli coming.

Step 1: Prepare fun crafts
Prepare age-appropriate crafts that concentrate the child’s attention. Using drawing and construction paper, crayons, glue sticks, glitter, cotton balls, and child-safe scissors, work with children make pictures that tell stories.

Let the child voice what they want to play so they are invested in the fun. Go along, letting them use their imagination.

Step 2: Take walks
Take walks and look for sticks, flowers, and dandelions, which can be included in art projects or made into bouquets for parents.

Step 3: Stage time-outs
Stage time-outs by playing a meditation-imagination game, sitting with eyes closed and taking the child on a great imaginary exploration of a magical place.

If you’re comfortable telling stories, let them embellish and add characters to take the story where they want.

Step 4: Organize a treasure hunt
Organize a treasure hunt around or outside the house, leaving clues on slips of paper in nearly hidden spots.

Step 5: Make forts
Make forts out of blankets draped over dining room chairs or other furniture. Pretend the floor is lava and randomly placed cushions are rocks.

Step 6: Play board games
Play board games that emphasize sportsmanship and cooperation more than winning. Any educational aspect is a plus.

Be encouraging and energetic.

Step 7: Make rubbings
Lay broad sheets of drawing paper against objects to make rubbings with crayons – tire tracks, manhole covers, or house numbers.

Step 8: Clean up together
Involve the child in cleaning up messes by inventing a song about how good it is to clean. Make a competition out of who will be first to get everything done.

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  1. @w00t242424 by the looks of your profile picture u look like a kid in some standerds

  2. w00t242424 says:

    @kkk345ify *standards
    And I'm 16. Not 7 like the kids in this video.

  3. or just give 'em a gun..

  4. aglover360 says:

    You will need: CANDY

  5. Pee Wee says:

    i babysitting a adorable kid….she nice…but im devil haha..she ask me to go outside n i yell stay inside….!!and all i do good thing to her is give her a food everytime….

  6. Iris Gross says:

    Not to mention, a vacuum

  7. aeroaa2 says:

    just let him play on the pc

  8. today i babysitted to wrotten brats and i tried so hard to be nice when putting them to bed, NO! they didnt wanna read books. NO! they didnt wanna play with stuffed animals. NO! they didnt want chocolate milk. ughhh so frustrating. any tips?

  9. Maybe telling them the consquences. Let them know who's in charge. Like for instance. They don't wanna listen to you. Tell them ( in a good way) they have choices like: Do you wanna be on timeout or do you wanna behave. Just don't yell at them. They tend to not behave more. If you say it in a friendly way, you wont have to argue with them. Same for everything. Limiting there choices is what's best to do & telling them consiquences they will get. Hope this helped. 🙂

  10. Axel Jonsson says:

    ehm i am not babysitting… i told him i had candy in the basement, what should i do to entertain the kid? the same?

  11. leno140 says:

    Why not buy the kid a tv or bb gun or a buy a fishing pond then you dont need a babysitter

  12. If I was a babysitter, i'd bring my laptop and play happy wheels with the kid.

  13. Jessie Chan says:

    lol and yell I DONT CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. kenny_fa f says:

    so where's television?

  15. You can exercise. With me. Yuvi

  16. I'm working as a nanny in New York now thank you LOL

  17. isn't that kid too old for a babysitter?

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