How To Make a Pine Cone Bird Feeder [Crafts for Kids #5]

Simple Christmas Crafts For Kids
July 4, 2017
Self Portrait Art with Little Kids
July 4, 2017

Pine cone bird feeders are easy to make! In fact, our 4 year-old teaches you how to make them with pine cones, peanut butter, bird seed, and string in this video. When you’re done, hang them up and wait for the birds to come and eat their food from the bird feeder! This is the perfect craft to do with kids, pre-schoolers, and children of any age. In fact, even as parents, we had a fun time making these with our kids. 🙂

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  1. I'm allergic to peanut butter.  What else could you use?

  2. Awww how fun! Love Hannah's voice over 😉 

  3. guipaulob says:

    OMG, she's so cuteeee!

  4. Carrie Tate says:

    Great job Hannah that was a awesome turtorial

  5. THIS video is perfect!  Super cute!

  6. CarAudioFab says:

    My dog would be all about eating that pine cone haha.

  7. Kayla H says:

    Good job Hannah Love! 🙂

  8. The bird foods look like my hamster foods

  9. oh my goodness! Can I please have her? She is so adorable. Thanks for the great idea. I can't wait to try it.

  10. joanne smith says:

    peanut butter is bad for birds it contains to much salt

  11. Billy Silly says:

    One tip to save wildlife, feed birds bread, right? Well, bread is actually BAD for birds, It isn't good for there digestion, so, try and feed them proper bird food! Oh and, peanut butter isn't really the best option to put bird food on, if birds eat the peanut butter, as Joanne Smith said (Below me XD) Peanut butter has to much salt, but other than that, great video!

  12. Han Pham says:

    I did this once and the bird stole the whole pine cone :p

  13. lizzy faura says:

    don't put peanut butter it is bad for the birds because it contains too much salt instead you can just use honey and let it dry after you put the seeds on the pine cone.

  14. I've been doing it for a long time

  15. Bayan1905 says:

    A little tip, in case you have a child or parent that's allergic to peanut butter, you can use Crisco and cornmeal and mix them together until they have the consistency of peanut butter and spread that on before applying the birdseed.

  16. citrus1973 says:

    Very cute! Good job, Mom and kids.

  17. Mireya Yim says:

    I bought excellent handbook from woodprix woodworking plans. Just google woodprix and start your journey to the better life

  18. omg I needed a yule idea this is perfect ♡

  19. ITSM says:

    Thank you. The kids will love it.

  20. Jolene Seitz says:

    she's soooooooooooooo cute

  21. Anonymous says:

    DO NOT DO THIS, THIS KILLS BIRDS they can not eat peanut butter instead just use honey

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