How To Make your own Beautiful FLOWERS! – Simple Crafts for Kids

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August 10, 2017
Elmer’s Glue May Be Good For My Kid’s Crafts But Not The Car They Ride Inside
August 10, 2017

Cool kids use their creativity to make a few different kinds of flowers! The perfect gift for Mother’s Day!
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In this episode of CLAY MAKIN’ learn how to make a few different kinds of clay flowers…tulips, roses, and even smiley faces! Oh, so cute! Customize it to look however you want and tell us about it in the comments below!

Get your clay ready, you won’t believe all the things you can create!
Watch and build alongside as we make beautiful clay creations on the rainbow table.

Special thanks to our little superstar Anya!

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  1. JrMojo says:

    What is your favorite flower? How could you use your creativity to make it?

  2. Animock says:

    Hey Jrmojo, I need some advice. A business associate of mine is due for an outstanding loan. What's the best way my "social club" can deal with this effectively and quietly?

  3. I made these like you said! she told me that I was 17 and needed to find a job and pay some bills for moms day instead!

  4. How sweet of you!:)😍😇

  5. JrMoji should be president

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