Kids Crafts : How to Make a Rocket Ship From a Plastic Bottle

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July 20, 2017
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July 20, 2017

In order to make a rocket ship from a plastic bottle, the supplies needed include a plastic bottle, tape, scissors and construction paper. Find out how to use construction paper to create the shape of a rocket ship with help from a teacher in this free video on fun crafts for kids.

Expert: Stacey Olson
Bio: Stacey Olson holds a Bachelor of Science in education and human sciences, with an endorsement in inclusive early childhood education.
Filmmaker: Jon Olson



  1. Rhiannon Fry says:

    thank you so much i have a project in tomorrow and i had no idea what to make then i found this you are a life saver

    ~Kind Regard Roxy

  2. yoheid moya says:

    Great children activity Idea!!

  3. Jaire Sallie says:

    wow show that rocket ship video was cool I'm making one to so I'm watching it again.

  4. red , white wheres the blue

  5. tetyana pekh says:

    When I was watching I FARTED SO LOUD!!!!!!

  6. For the last part how do you put the red triangles on the rocket please reply

  7. But I really liked the creation that she created nice

  8. this drags on forAGES IT IS SO BOARING!

  9. HaxerzRblx says:

    put the speed on 0.5 its so funny

  10. hey thnx id really apprieciate ur help for project.XD

  11. Tyler Wood says:

    you have BEAUTIFUL hands

  12. I HAVE TO make everything from simple to danger!!!. I put some fuel in it and some security and launched it for real

  13. Red White and not blue its purple

  14. اني عرفت من هذا كلشي ررررررروووووعععى هذا سبع 7

  15. This is the lamest video I've seen in years

  16. ArtyDiva says:

    Thx so much you helped me with home work lol life saver

  17. thanks a lot it helps me in my project 😙😙

  18. Yea I'm doing a project is well👍😄

  19. 👁 👁

  20. AND that my brother is so lazy really lazy and i called him lazy boy he is tooo lazy to heleps me with my homework project for my scienc class so i have to do it by my selves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. thank you so much its  very help full

  22. Noori Rahim says:

    thank you it is nice

  23. Thanks for the ideas I like how quick it is because I have lots of little stuff to make 😊

  24. Topu Anwar says:

    Its so boring, do not made this video again

  25. Isha Agarwal says:

    so simple i can draw in my competition

  26. hii thanks a lots dear my daughter was crying for rocket. I just watch ur video and made it for her she was very happy with rocket and playing with it thanks a lots

  27. Ajay Harrer says:

    fun project to do with the kids

  28. Jatin Gor says:

    its ausom it helped in my project

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