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July 12, 2017
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Hello friends! Happy Easter is approaching.
Today we will make easy kids Easter crafts.
To make such charming chickens we’ll need paper, stick glue, scissors, ruler.
First we make a cone-like body. Then we make a tail from narrow bands, rolling them previously with pencil.
Cut wings and stick them to the body.
Stop, wait, why should we recite all that if you can watch our video Kids Easter crafts and know how to make these nice Easter Chickens.
It’s not difficult at all to make this Easter Chicken. And sure you’ll find little helpers to make it.
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David and his mom will gladly share new ideas for Easter crafts and other articles of paper, play doh and plasticine.
See you!



  1. Very charming chickens! Are they hens or roosters?

  2. Thank you for this video! My children are happy with this kids easter craft. 

  3. Can you make such Easter crafts not from paper but from play doh?

  4. VideoPRO says:

    Your chickens are great! Just in time for Easter! Thank you for this video.

  5. VideoPRO says:

    What about other birds? Will you make them?

  6. VideoPRO says:

    My daughter waits now for other crafts on your channel. When?

  7. Добрый день! Моему сыну 4 года. Подскажите, в таком возрасте он сможет самостоятельно сделать таких курочек?

  8. Видео очень понравилось! Спасибо! Ждём следующих.

  9. Oh, but they are nice! So funny. Thank you!

  10. We tried to make same with my daughter but failed. She's not big enough to make such crafts on her own. Only with my help.

  11. Can you advice to me, from what age a girl can make such craft on her own? 3 years is all right?

  12. Hi my fellow worker! I'm glad to see your channel. Let's be friends.

  13. Have you seen my channel? Did you like it?

  14. I will appreciate if you write your oppinion about my channel.

  15. Phoebe says:

    Wow, those are adorable and fun. =)

  16. Курочки просто чудо! Все очень понятно и доступно показано.  Chicken is a miracle! Everything is very clear and shows available.Thanks!

  17. Какие симпатичные курочки! Почему никто не хочет сделать пасхального ёжика. Ну да, ну да, традиции вещь упрямая. 

  18. KidsPlanet says:

    We watch your vids every day:)

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