Kids Fish Craft – Creative Art Part 1 – Using CDs – Nans Crafts Episode 7

Autumn Crafts for Kids
August 1, 2017
Making Foam Masks for Kid’s Crafts : Cutting the Shape of a Beaded Mask
August 1, 2017

Hello everyone and welcome to Nan’s Crafts. In this craft video I will be showing you how to create fish art using cds or dvds and some cut out pieces of color paper. This is a fantastic craft that you can do with your kids of if you’re a school teacher can use in your class or day care. I am a retired teacher who owned her own day care business and has worked in early childhood education for 30 years. I hope you enjoy my tutorial video and use it in your classes or just for fun with your kids. Thanks for watching!



  1. EFL Bologna says:

    Good Job! Great ideas!

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  3. hereticMoron says:

    Need it for my art homework

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  5. Mini Dash says:

    cool I will make one

  6. Judiee says:

    I just launched a kickstarter for a children's book about Claude Monet, the painter. Please visit! 🙂 

  7. dustyblue says:

    I used CD's as Diatom's  (algae~ phytoplankton) along with paper mache Jelly fish installation with summer campers one year and placed in sea grass near the beach with fish line for hanging art…. gave an illusion of a free flowing installation 🙂 Each Child gave their own expression giving them various materials better to let them do their own artful expression with learning to use materials to choose from as a guide and by such they come up many different variations to create their art and some very unique creations 🙂 

  8. I love the video, this looks great. Thanks for sharing.

  9. L says:

     i lovet

  10. How cute! By:Aidascreations

  11. Iwiccaozzie says:


  12. Thanks for the people who made this show it helf my kid alot thanks

  13. Alexa Yunan says:

    I make this in school

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