Real Mermaid Swimming Pool Party | Chef Ava How to Make Rice Krispy Castle: Kids Cooking and Crafts

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July 2, 2017
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Real Mermaid Swimming Pool Party | Chef Ava How to Make Rice Crispy Castle: Kids Cooking and Crafts
Carl & Jinger:
Kyle’s Toys & Games:
Marissa and Brookie:

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Join Chef Ava and her friends marissa and Brookie as they hang out with Carl & Jinger and Kyle’s toys and games while they show you how to make a rice krispy ariel mermaid castle. Then join the magic as they magically transform into mermaids and have a pool party!

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  1. Thanks so much for letting us do the Mermaid Castle with you! We had a blast!

  2. i love it❤💕💕💓

  3. do a 2D cat it will be AWESOME I promise

  4. Arid Proim says:

    you are a mulu ishh

  5. Please do a car 🚗

  6. You guys are kids who know how to make stuff

  7. great job on building that Castle

  8. you to I like your video

  9. Could you make a princess Rice Krispie

  10. Anaya Bwell says:


  11. Great video, I have liked and Subscribed to your channel. Please visit to my channel and SUBSCRIBE. Thanks.

  12. a hello Kitty rice crispy cake

  13. Reese Reid says:

    sent by marrisa and brookie

  14. you should do a swimming pool

  15. What country do you come from

  16. ava why don't u have a real mermaid tail?…

  17. Norma Perest says:

    ave were do you live I m Spanish and I want to swing

  18. tha castle,was so cool like if u agree

  19. that was amazing ava marissa and brookie keep up the great work 👍👍👍👍

  20. It could be a unicorn castle &mermaid castle 🦄🏊🏼‍♀️

  21. AJMaster 101 says:

    make my beautiful face ok

  22. she is at caril and ginger house

  23. ava where is your skin tail?

  24. Do a rice crispy treat light house

  25. how about a mall of shopkins

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