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August 12, 2017
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August 12, 2017

5 Doll crafts each in less than 1 minute
To make a sugar bowl
Make a hot glue circle on a glass surface
Wait until it dries
Remove from the glass
Cut out the circle
Use the edges of your scissors to shape the bowl
To make a cat bell necklace
Pass a string through a bell or bead
Measure against your doll’s head
Make a knot
Cut any excess
To make a chocolate chip cookie
Make tinny holes on a piece of foam using scissors
Cut a circle
Draw chocolate chips with a permanent marker on both sides
To make a friendship bracelet
Cut 4 strings
Each about 3 times the length of your doll’s wrist
Make a knot
Use tape to secure in place
Make a knot at the end
And cut any excess
To make a s’more
Cut a foam rectangle
Use as a guide to cut out 3 more foam rectangles
For the inside marshmallow, chocolate and cookie cover
Glue in place
Draw s’more lines

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Make a washer / Dryer for your doll using a recycled cardboard box. I used very little materials, so it should be easy for you to make. This washer has really cool functions: you can put water or bubbles in it and you can also load it from the front and the top. This is part of my series “stuff that really works”. I wanted to make it easy enough for you guys to reproduce at home, so grab your mom and/or dad and start making this cute washer/dryer for your doll.

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