5 Quick and Easy Colorful Arty Crafts for Kids: Edible Paint, Watercolors and more!

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April 17, 2017
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Check out these 5 quick and easy arty crafts for kids.

Edible Paint:
You Will Need:
– Plain yogurt
– Gelatin (ex. Cherry, Apple, lemon, orange – different flavors for different colors!)
– Small Bowls
– Spoons
– Plate

Marbleized Paper:
You Will Need:
-1” deep dish like a baking dish
-Shaving Cream
-Food Coloring
-Index cards

Sand Art:
You Will Need:
-Recycled plastic bottle
-Colorful Chalk
-Plastic bags
-Funnel (Optional)

Cloud Paint:
You Will Need:
-Measuring Cups
-Shaving Cream
-Food Coloring
-Poster Board of Card Board

Growing Watercolors:
You Will Need:
– Markers
– Paper towels
– Small Bowl
– Water

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