Diy-Easy steps to make crafts for children with ice cream sticks
December 11, 2016
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December 11, 2016

In this video Jacob and I show you how to make 8 different Halloween crafts.

In this video we make :
Footprint Ghost.
Handprint Witch.
Handprint Mummy.
Handprint Spider.
Handprint & Footprint Monsters.
Paper Plate Spider.
Tissue Paper Ghost.
Paper Pumpkin.

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  1. KidsPlanet says:

    Hahaha, so funny!!! Very funny

  2. love these, can't wait to try them with my kiddo 🙂 but what kind of paint should I use?

  3. I'm freaking 13. WHY AM I WATCHING THIS!? ?

  4. Can u reply I'm a subbie

  5. why didnt she just put his hands and feet in the paint?

  6. oh makes more sense

  7. they should've put there foot into the paint

  8. Jolly Carson says:

    That foot painting is a excellent Idea cause it tickles and it's art.

  9. Aseel Sadeem says:

    your DIYS are AWSOME!!!!

  10. PaperChaser says:

    Were that used to decorate?

  11. love all of these halloween ideas ???

  12. Brigi T says:

    Love these ideas!!!! Thanks for sharing

  13. I'm 12 but I'm still gonna do these❤️

  14. love life says:

    who is here 2016

  15. love life says:

    hope you people have a good halloween

  16. Doni Dony says:

    I love this chanel

  17. he is one happy child like me

  18. K Vinit says:

    thank you for posting this cute video. Now, I got some idea what I do with kids on Halloween day.

  19. Mummying says:

    Aw such great ideas! I'm a stay at home mum and post a video of my daily activity with my twin boys, please take a look ? thank you x

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