Arts & Crafts for Kids : Q-Tip/Cotton Swab Skeleton

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April 22, 2017
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April 23, 2017

Hey Guys, so today I thought I’d show you how to make a skeleton using cotton swabs. It’s super simple and a fun Halloween or Day of the Dead craft to do with your kids. I hope you enjoy this video. Please Subscribe and Thanks for watching. 😀



  1. hi I love this my children do this a lot now I am out of q tips for my ears

  2. MidnightTv says:

    what size is the heavy duty paper?

  3. thank you for the video it will help with my Project

  4. thank you you are nice

  5. Tati Vlogs says:

    nice for October lol

  6. jayleen F says:

    OMG this video just saved my grade. I have a project due tomorrow‼️Thx so much 😘

  7. thank you sooo much you saved my science project

  8. Thanks you saved my science project

  9. Thanks you saved my science project

  10. Amanda Davis says:

    my science project is supposed to go in tomorrow and because of this video it save my project omg lol thank u very much wow

  11. Thank you so very much this project is due tommorow

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