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May 18, 2017
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May 18, 2017

In this episode Øistein and Box make a gorilla chair from a cardboard box! You can also turn YOURSELF into a gorilla with this cardboard gorilla costume:

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  1. Can You Please Make A Unicorn Cardboard Table

  2. could we use this as a computer chair?

  3. 이거 어떻게 만들어요??

  4. Hello? I'm korean.
    What's so much fun to build into the box. and me,I can speak English. Now can you raise a lot more fun!(^-^)v 😄😄😄

  5. +Box Yourself how do you do a bearded dragon its for my 2 yr old he obsessed with my popeye dragon lol

  6. awesome! what kind of glue u reccomend?

  7. Cool I'm trying to make one for my marvel charters tho it's hard 😛

  8. Dana Clow says:

    Defenetly not if your my age (8)

  9. FXGURU Video says:

    hey why you are not in nickeloden it has a new nice videos

  10. you got a glue on your nose


  12. I want to Mack all of you tings but I do not have the boxers sad:(

  13. I just moved so I have so many boxes to do this!!!!

  14. Sharif Matin says:

    I could make this but l don't have all the materials 😔😞😢😭🙁😖😫😩😤😮😡😠😟😞

  15. Anel Play says:

    very good job! it's so amazing

  16. ihazcupquake says:

    I used part of this method and made one with a cup holder

  17. kimmee nally says:

    Instead of a gorilla I'm gonna paint it girly colors and maybe some boyish colors

  18. Box Yourself says:

    🦍 OH-OOOOH-OH!! You can also turn YOURSELF into a gorilla with this cardboard gorilla costume:

  19. Sadaf Kazmi says:

    owsme more chair idea plz

  20. Shante Kelly says:

    he should make a good daddy for a kid

  21. Instead of sleeping on my king sized bed I'll sleep on the gorilla bed

  22. paz y fran says:

    un niño se puede sitdaun

  23. Faris Salman says:

    Make a hippo boat watch now

  24. Stevan Pap says:

    you are so creative 🙂 i love your videos

  25. Casey Liu says:

    Box yourself I like all of Your videos but I don't really like this one…😱😱😱

  26. can you make a schliech horse barn

  27. can you make a toy horse barn

  28. can you make a barn plz

  29. Lexy Zwart says:

    youre so funny whith box

  30. i will make one like this for my small sister. she will be loving it…….

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