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January 29, 2017
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January 30, 2017

Time to share some cheap organization ideas and hacks that you can use for Kids, Arts and Crafts Supplies! There are lots of cheap craft storage ideas and cheap organizing ideas out there so you don’t have to spend a lot of money when it comes to arts and crafts supplies–especially for kids. So that’s what I’m sharing today! MOST of the ideas I share are UNDER $5 and a majority of them are $1. Who doesn’t like cute and cheap organization ideas??


In this video, I found a lot of my cheap organizers at Target. I also found some at Dollar Tree, IKEA and even Home Depot. There’s lots of great deals, colors and selection right now with this time of year. So go grab what you need and save money too!


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  1. Laura Doty says:

    Garage sales often have organizational supplies. Labeling your bins with printable labels of pictures and words helps when multiple items get spilled at once. Also, wax or parchment paper taped to the bottom will help when a few months go by and the containers get messy.

  2. Nicole W says:

    OMG!!! Melea! I just LOVE watching your videos!!!!! You are SO human!!! You crack me up!!! ANYWAY…I LOVED your butcher paper idea!!! CLEVER!! I myself get the little shoe box totes WITH LIDS! I also have a huge system in my storage room with wire rack shelves and put everything in plastic totes with lids! I have a few different sizes and have everything from lined paper to markers to highlighters to pencils (I completely filled a shoebox sized tote with mechanical pencils purchased during the back to school sales for $.01 each!!!) to binders to glue (another full shoebox of glue sticks!)! My "before" picture would have been A LOT worse than yours, but now is so completely organized that even my kids can find what they need without a meltdown and every time I go in the room everything is sealed up nicely! My kids ABSOLUTELY LOVE it!!!

  3. Sarah Knight says:

    I love the Color of your Cabinets.  I love this video I need to organize my kids art supply area.

  4. Dena Richins says:

    I love seeing different types of organization ideas from everywhere. Great ideas!

  5. magnelious05 says:

    you Should label all the little tins :)

  6. mrsjbagby says:

    I'm the mean mom that doesn't let my kids play with play doh… haha.

  7. The white containers that had the holes in it for the pattern, in Dollerama (dollar store here in Canada) they had similar for $2〜3.

  8. Jody Bitton says:

    So even to get the paper, are they climbing on the counter? I love this idea and need to get my cupboards organized but I don't like my kids on my counters.

  9. I am a big clearance shopper and it's usually the first place I check and I've found containers from Shopko, Michael's, and Smith's and the stores you mentioned. Thank you so much for all you do Melea, I know how time consuming it can be, especially with little ones.

  10. We have tons of random sticker sheets. I store them in a folder.

  11. SamBam says:

    Love this Melea!! Keep doing the organization videos! You have such simple and easily applicable ideas!

  12. Lydia Story says:

    I am going to do this!! Thank you for the inspiration.

  13. Cute! Thats a good way to organize all the pencils and crayons!

  14. Krohini12 says:

    Target of course

  15. iloveadel says:

    Do this for the WHOLE house please!!!

  16. zeen k says:

    I buy from big Bazaar.. it's the only thing here in india

  17. J Swick says:

    loved this! need more organization ideas! thanks

  18. My favorite organization supply store is Lowes or Home Depot where you can get see thru boxes and a label maker (dorky but practical) to organize everything!

  19. I love The Container Store. There's not as many deals, per se, as maybe some other stores. But I've always loved what I've gotten from there.

  20. Laceroo says:

    can you do a pantry organization video? loved this one

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