Crafts for Kids That Can Decorate Your Home : DIY Arts & Crafts

Simple Father’s Day Crafts for Kids : DIY Home Crafts
January 1, 2017
My Toddler Arts And Crafts With Autumn Leaves
January 2, 2017

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Sometimes a nice way to let your kids help decorate the home is with a nice crafts project. Learn about crafts for kids that can decorate your home with help from a high school art teacher in this free video clip.

Expert: Dana Church
Filmmaker: Robert Taylor

Series Description: There are few better ways to express yourself creatively than a nice arts and crafts project that you can do right at home. Experiment and have a little fun with arts and crafts with help from a high school art teacher in this free video series.



  1. Do you have 2 daughters and 1 son

  2. nice but I didn't get what you made 

  3. Jenny Lemus says:

    Say mermaid 4 time repost and touch water 

  4. It is the best of the videos 

  5. Creativity is how you express your self, good one.

  6. Hobby Dose says:

    Now this is going to be a cool project for kids during holiday. But I'm a little bit afraid to let kids hold that hot glue gun.

  7. DenofGoods says:

    My kids will enjoy doing this

  8. Her voice is really boring no offence

  9. Hanna Deluca says:

    You said crafts plural not craft

  10. c&m says:

    my nieces and nephews would like this thanks

  11. c&m says:

    if you go to my page u can see what I do thanks

  12. sofia Arauz says:

    I love arts and crafts

  13. I can't do this one

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