Crayon Melt Art on Canvas: Easy Crafts for Kids

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December 27, 2016
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December 28, 2016

In this video we take crayons, stretched canvas, a hot glue gun, and a hair dryer and make melted crayon art!



  1. your supposed to dry one at a time and take the paper of you moron

  2. Jezz donnette u don't have to hate moron

  3. Morrison, it's says "for kids" lighten up honey bunch.

  4. Donn wut ever ur name is it cool wut she did plus FOR KIDS 

  5. You actually don't gave to take the papper of your idiots you blow dry on the tips so stop hating for something she actually did right and the word moron is so last year 

  6. Grace K says:

    Only one at a time 

  7. Portia M says:

    Mommys hair dryer is ruined. Lol JK this was so sweet and cute… 

  8. I put my crayons on cardboard so u don't have crayons on the canvas

  9. it shouldve been in rainbow order. and take out the browns and greys and blacks.

  10. funnypanda says:

    you had to put it in rainbow order because now its all black

  11. Looks messy y all the rainbow colors?? Now they're all black and ugly.

  12. It's beautiful, not meant to be perfect tards….obviously a kids attempt.

  13. She put two red Craneys by each other and I know I spelt a word wrong I'm only 8. 

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