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January 26, 2017
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January 26, 2017

Happy Holidays! Crafty Carol gets inspired by “Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas” and shows you how to make your very own sock monkey holiday ornament! Let’s get crafty!

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  1. MG 1506 says:

    Can you please make more my little pony crafts

  2. You hit George you are the Queen of crafting????

  3. keya Patel says:

    do you know how to make a great same type of the thing put a chocolate ?????????????❤?

  4. Crafty corol how about you downt have a brown sock

  5. Battle Ooze says:

    i have seen the movie of curious george a very monky christmas i remember when betcy i dont no how to spell her name back to the story she didint no what her made up song would be

  6. zobair molla says:

    Great crafty carol Dnnnggbbvcdfvnb


  7. Marc Finlay says:

    Make a Olof Toy
    Please please please

  8. I alredy wached that.i'm ongly six yeres old.

  9. Can you make evil or good mask

  10. I made something that is similar to that it was a sock snowman at school

  11. iron man head isaiah.martinez

  12. Amy Ganies says:

    can you make a littlest pet shop craft

  13. Amy Ganies says:

    l am Razeah I am using my moms phone

  14. hind ra says:

    my birthday is on noveber 26

  15. Make a horse me monkey

  16. Can you please make a Minecraft cow

  17. Make a. Frozen. Notebook

  18. Rowan Arant says:

    I'm going to give it to my best friend Reagan.

  19. we are going to make it on Christmas??❤

  20. Do I get a slimy crazy crafty carol

  21. Anth Arvi says:

    can you make a simple craft from winx club

  22. Am I the only one watching in2017

  23. Karen Villa says:

    Plz make a train craft

  24. Nurul Amin says:

    you're very crafty,carol ??????

  25. Nurul Amin says:

    you're very crafty,carol ??????

  26. Alli Alee says:

    Make a shop with cardboard

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