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January 12, 2017
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January 13, 2017

Join Lilly, Darius and Todd to create fabric printed custom t-shirts with supplies that are laying around your home, such as, bottles, makeup sponges and bubble wrap!

You will need: fabric paint, bowls, brushes, bubble wrap, shoe laces, glass bottle, cardboard, glue, makeup sponges, and shirts.

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Kid Made Modern celebrates creativity and fun through inspiration and information. Inspired by a collaboration of art and traditional craft, Kid Made Modern seeks to enrich the landscape for kids through good supplies and information.



  1. i like the way lily made it

  2. He acts like they know how much 8 in or 10 in are. WTF and the dark kid got a lot of paint on his brush

  3. what els are you going to come up with

  4. Can we use paint? Please tell me.

  5. Wee Sing says:

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  6. Katie Hatton says:

    i remember ur first video when u used to make videos every monday

  7. Allen Mo says:

    I have a children's clothing store, we have time to look at

  8. great videos…please can you make a different colour duct tape flower?thanks Khloe

  9. On the string and bottle I cutted diffrent shapes when I was 3

  10. I know that girl she went to my school

  11. I know that girl she went to my school

  12. I always wondered what happened to Todd Oldham; I feel so old.

  13. I love kid made modern

  14. what happened to more videos

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