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February 4, 2017
Easy Flower Making – Modelling Clay Crafts for Kids
February 5, 2017

Make your own play with these funny clothespin characters! All you need is some wooden clothespins, paper, scissors and pencils.

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  1. I love your vids a whole lot they are a perfect entertainment for kids and me

  2. you draw really amazing I'm impressed

  3. idea you should use the puppets in the tv you made like it's a show

  4. Dawn Cazalet says:

    At the end you wore VEARY funny!!!???

  5. Unicorn Msp says:

    Hi I'm from the uk and ur puppet show is terrific can I have a shout out on ur next chanle x ty

  6. Dinky Flores says:

    Can i coppy your drawing i dont have eny idea to make for a face

  7. ohhhh yeah i watching him in Nickelodeon

  8. KiwiBoom 15 says:

    I used cardboard for the faces i added a cat and dog

  9. Matt Kendall says:

    let in yr hr veteyoy.

  10. Lash SB says:

    Can you make a cute house???

  11. OWLS Wolf says:


  12. ччччччччччччччооооооооооооооо

  13. super awesome and fun for kids ???

  14. Mario Rios says:

    could you make any like birthday gifts out of the box

  15. Mario Rios says:

    could you make any like birthday gifts out of a box

  16. Star Jones says:

    that is hilarious

  17. aaron young says:

    You are really creative

  18. Frieda says:

    Well, that was just a stupid project, and I can't wait to make a dozen of them! Just watching you make them made me smile.

  19. mellssa garcia cavedas

  20. urim krosi says:

    I'm going to do the egg

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