DIY Doll Tampons & Pads | How to make American Girl Doll Tampons & Pads

Silly Spring Pom Pom Animals Kid’s Craft Tutorial
April 21, 2017
Fun KiDS craft : How to make a pompom!
April 22, 2017

Learn how to make Doll Tampons & Pads. These doll crafts are fun and easy to make. We made these Tampons & Pads for our dolls so they would be just like us! We are excited to add them to our new American Girl Doll Bathroom Playset Julie’s Groovy Bathroom!


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  1. What other bathroom items would you like us to craft?

  2. Flame 18 says:

    little kids shouldn't see this at all read it its only for grown ups

  3. can you make shower cap

  4. Can u make makeup plz and thank you

  5. Naomi Davis says:

    can u make whipcream

  6. periods dont exist in my dolls world because they dont need to suffer like we do

  7. you should make some stuff without using printables

  8. you can try making creams conditioner or shampoo

  9. can you please make a soap bars? ! I'm so needing a soap bars

  10. Super Videos says:

    good because I got it when I was 9

  11. i have am american doll for 3 BD

  12. can you make doll bras or Bobby pins and hair clips or mouth wash and also can u. make a fish tank

  13. Isnt this kind of inaproprite?

  14. you should do an video for all 18inch dolls like my like my life as,and American girl doll,and our generation doll

  15. Chad Murdock says:

    can you please make a picture frame for the dolls

  16. I made bathbombs but it didn't work out super great. Can you make some? 😁

  17. this is so cute who thinks of this

  18. Auma Muzungu says:

    to let paper or a bar of soap

  19. I subscribed and looked at almost all of your videos and this will help me with my My Life dolls that I just got yesterday thank you very much for helping me with this!!! 🙂

  20. Paige mays says:

    why people why their dolls 🙁

  21. ryan Pitts says:

    you should make doll razor and shaving cream

  22. Grace Puente says:

    You should make a doll vacuum cleaner and other cleaning supplies.

  23. can you make Easter basket and decorations

  24. Can you make a bed ?

  25. I though this channel was for kids most kids don't know what tampons or pads are but I learned at 8

  26. Can you make a liquid soup bottle and hand sanitizer

  27. Jerry Raines says:

    will u make underwear DIY

  28. Emily Fox says:

    I went to a my Woman's hospital

  29. Can you make a microwave

  30. Tator TotTay says:


  31. Tator TotTay says:

    DIY dishtowel/towel

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