DIY Easter Crafts For Kids | Easter Bunny, Piggy & Chick | Easter Gift Bags & Treats | Jelly Beans

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January 4, 2017
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January 4, 2017

Easy Easter Craft. How to create cute little Easter Bunny, Piggy and Chick treats with balloons filled with candies like Jelly Beans, Skittles or M&M! They are fun for kids and adults. Make great Easter gifts.



  1. Ellie'sVids says:

    Hi I really like your videos please subscribe to me and please give me a shoutout! Thanks.

  2. Too Too Too Cute!!! I can not wait to make these. Thank You So Much! I am going to put these on my Easter candy platter . My family is going to love these! I will post after I make these. You have made my Easter! I have been looking for something this cute to make.

  3. These also work with skittles (and I say that because I've made them with skittles :)) ) and they're amazing! Thanks for the idea

  4. Great craft and gift idea. Just an idea I think it'd be neat to glue a small piece of cotton,but making sure it's not visible, under the chicks wings so they'd stick out a bit. That was just an idea though… the video was awesome!

  5. keep it up guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  6. Judi Treble says:

    well I would use peas instead so I wouldn't be tempted to pull this apart and eat the jelly beans

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