DIY: HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN HOMEMADE CHALK! Perfect for Kids Arts & Crafts!

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July 1, 2017
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July 1, 2017

This video is about DIY: Super easy Homemade Sidewalk Chalk!

Supplies Needed:

1.Tempera Paint (found mine at Micheals)
2.Plaster of Paris (found mine at Micheals)
4.Wax Paper
5.Moulds (ie. toilet paper rolls)
7. Ziploc bags
8. Scissors
9. Mixing bowl and measuring spoons

Watch the video for instructions! 🙂


Line your moulds with wax paper, and use the tape to seal the bottom. Mix 2-3 tbsp of paint with 1/2cup of water. Mix in 3/4 of Plaster. Put plaster in a sealed baggie and cut a little corner off. Pour mixture into moulds – be sure they are being supported properly.

Wait 12-15 hours. Carefully peal off mould and wax paper and HAVE FUN!!! 🙂

Sidewalk chalk is used at some universities to advertise for events, especially where there is much concrete. Prohibitions are set for where students can chalk, usually limiting it to areas that will be washed away with rain, or areas which are set to be cleaned of chalk markings.

Some teachers promote use of sidewalk chalk on a carpet as an interactive teaching tool.[3]

Although sidewalk chalk is created to allow people to draw on sidewalks or pavement, some law enforcement agencies may prohibit sidewalk drawing in certain areas without first being requested for authorization.[4]

On September 16–17, 2006, a global event was held to promote peace through sidewalk chalk drawings.[5] Chalk4Peace was a project planned by an artist from Arlington, Virginia named John Aaron, who asked children and teens from the age of eight to age eighteen to participate in groups across the world to draw chalk drawings that would illustrate peace for one of the Chalk4Peace events.[5] Designated areas on sidewalks, pavement, and cement were used for the participants to draw on while volunteers took pictures of the street paintings.[5] Aaron used his own money and donations to provide sidewalk chalk to areas of the world that he believed did not have access to good quality chalk.[5]

There are many competitions for chalk artists, including the Pavement Art Competition in the Bold Street Festival in Liverpool in 2010.

Artists such as Kurt Wenner, Ellis Gallagher and Julian Beever have created intricate and realistic street paintings using the chalk and pastels. It is typical for sidewalk chalk artists to use anamorphic drawing when drawing with sidewalk chalk. Nonanamorphic drawing are drawings that are drawn to be observed face-on, whereas anamorphic drawings are drawn to be observed from a different viewpoint. Julian Beever, in a Q&A with Adam Boretz,[4] explained his drawing of his first anamorphic sidewalk chalk drawing, Swimming Pool:

I was drawing conventional pavement pictures—portraits of the famous, copies of old masters [before anamorphic pavement drawing].
There was one particular street in Brussels that had large rectangles of tiles set in the pavement…I used these rectangles as frames
for my drawings…I had done this many times when one day I suddenly realized I could use these tiles as if they were the outside
surround of a mini-swimming pool. All I had to do was color them and then fill in the pool inside…I was so impressed with the result…
that I had to do more.[4]



  1. We like all your DIY videos!

  2. Another great DIY video.  Loved all of the colours you made too 🙂

  3. Funny socks says:

    Great idea! Like 😀

  4. You're videos are always great !

  5. bmommyx2 says:

    looks like a great idea & fun for party favors. I wonder about the tempra paint & if it stains on the sidewalk?

  6. Azma Rasheed says:

    hi!awesome vuud and can I use poster paints instead of tempera?and cornstarch or plaster of Paris instead?pls reply…I need them as chalk pastes for polymer clay

  7. Hannah S says:

    Can you make it small so yo can use it on a CHALKBOARD because for Christmas I got a chalkboard and I want to use it but I don't have chalk so does it work using sidewalk chalk

  8. Jonathan2342 says:

    that looks nothing like chalk

  9. Harsh Mange says:

    it is easy to make chalk or hard
    it is given in the mazine

  10. Sakshi Patel says:

    I am not having plaster

  11. ahh thanks for being back old childhood memories. I remembered having to collect toilet paper rolls for class. and we made this for a science project . it was so much fun. 🙂

  12. Echo12 says:

    How much does sidewalk chalk cost compared to the plaster of Paris, paint and plastic lining that you used?

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