DIY Hummingbird Feeder. Fun Summertime Craft Project for Kids too!

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June 30, 2017
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June 30, 2017

Lindsay Weirich, The Frugal Crafter, is back this week showing us how to make this fun and easy DIY hummingbird feeder. It’s a perfect craft for summer and a great project for kids looking for something to do!

Full tutorial:

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  1. "Manly man pliers" hahaha hilarious 😀

  2. +Home & Garden for Mere Mortals I would liked to have seen a humming bird using your feeder. Great video. Thank you.

  3. Almost started to do this, but then it struck me: there are no humming birds where I live. And the tropical zoos already have feeders.

  4. Gary Finger says:

    This is nice and pretty but one feeder for one bird doesn't work.  I have 3 feeders that will handle 8 birds each.  I sit in a chair in the early evening watching 15 ti 20 birds feeding and buzzing the area.  My neighbor who is 92 enjoys watching them.  Your bottle would do nothing to please them,  I make a gallon of nectar a day as they are in the yard from sunrise to sunset.  Good luck attracting more than a couple of birds.

  5. What a great ideal for my mason jar candle lamps.Have to get some beads and wire and give it a try,big thanks.

  6. Maxid1 says:

    If you leave alcohol in the humming bird feeder and bees come to it, will they produce mead instead of honey?

  7. macgurrl says:

    What a awesome idea. Love it.

  8. wonderful job Lindsay.  Very pretty feeder.  I make my own hummingbird food to avoid the red dye.  Make mine like you do.

  9. This DIY looks like a fun project to do with my grandson! Thank you!

  10. Theresa Z says:

    Is the hot glue safe for the birds? Thanks! 🐦

  11. so, will it be ok, when it gets lower in the bottle? or is just the initial prime of the feeder that you need to worry about. love the idea. I broke my plastic one and it was cheezy looking this is way nicer

  12. I loved your video and thank you for sharing this great idea! My parents (mostly dad) sits with his flying friends daily and it's so sad because dad has lost most of his human friends in his neighborhood cuz like dad says, "They didn't beat the odds of waking up that morning". I tell dad…nah, I'm willing to bet they just got tired of hearing their wives nag all day and figured since they always came over here for a few beers n good convo, why not make it a permanent situation? My dad always listens with non judgemental ears and gives you 5 stars just for bravery to place any power tool in your hand and learning how to use it!
    So, I think I'm going to take this very lesson out of all I watched, and show dad I too tried, so he may have to tidy up any mess I create, but I know for a fact this Father's Day, he and his buddies won't mind 1 bit!

  13. BackToTheBus says:

    Unless your on Well Water , please do not use the Tap ! I cringe at the thought of feeding Gods most lovely creations with the same Poisons that we consume on a daily basis ! fluoride is a Poison, if you don't believe me just read the warning label on your Toothpaste .

  14. does it really works? I mean… the birds really drink it?

  15. Denim Vixen says:

    I love this idea! Thanks for sharing. I have LOTS of wine bottles (is that a bad thing? LOL) and can't wait to make these swanky hummingbird feeders!

  16. SC Exotics says:

    Did you seriously drill in the wrong direction ?😂

  17. purrrrson says:

    Cute, but only one bird can feed at a time. Also, that plastic straw won't last long and regular cleaning would damage it pretty quick. Harmful bacteria builds up which causes intestinal distress for hummingbirds so their feeders should be cleaned, especially if sitting in the sun, every four days. Maybe a small rubber hose would be better.

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