DIY Kids Crafts Ideas for Christmas: Plastic Bottles Winter House – Recycled Bottles Crafts

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May 20, 2017
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May 21, 2017

DIY crafts for Christmas: Today you’ll learn how to make a cute winter house out of plastic bottles for diy crafts for kids. Previous video: Subscribe to the channel:
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  1. estupendo cada uno de tus tutoriales, felicitaciones por tanta creatividad y gracias por compartir y enseñarnos como realizarlod, un favor es posible que la ecplicacion lo hagas en español te agradeceriamos, saludos desde mi bello pais Ecuador y maravillosa ciudad Quito.

  2. Corkys Vlogs says:

    Awesome idea Thank You for this I am gonna make some with my family 🙂

  3. PAUL STONE says:

    I love the winter house you made. Great video. Thanks for sharing.

  4. i love your chanell i adore your vedios put i cant do that one
    i am a muslime
    and keep going
    i waite for your vedios

  5. Abha Forever says:

    Nice idea 🙂 but can't make because I don't have hot gun, can we use anything else instead of hot gun?

  6. are that acrylic colours?

  7. Tina Lynn says:

    love them.. i want to do more but what i do with mine is with my fish tanks.. and plants…i love you channel if i have any more money i might try this .. i might even get some of my yarn involved.

  8. Where did you find those mini balls

  9. I love this I made this last year and everyone loved it too!

  10. I love this little house. I want to make some with my granddaughter, but not just for Christmas. We can use other colors for different holidays or events. She also wants to make a little village for her mini dolls. I was wondering if you could tell me what size the styrofoam balls are? Amazon sells them in various colors which would be perfect for us. It is summer vacation here right now and we are looking for "rainy day" activities. My granddaughter is only six but my youngest grandson is 12 and loves to craft as well. I know he will enjoy making some of your projects. I of course will be providing the adult supervision. Thank you for sharing such interesting and creative projects. Again, if possible can you please tell me what size the styrofoam balls are?

  11. its cute and ill probably make one but most of the work is using the glue gun. not for a kid

  12. Jenna Marie says:

    Omg! This is a perfect Christmas craft! Thanks for the idea!!

  13. Laura Campa says:

    I love your creativity. but I think on this one I'm going to leave it as a candy house. won't glue it together, and put wrapped candies in it for my grandbabies. thanks a bunch!

  14. Thank you this is very cute. I think i will try but instead of gluing the top and bottom I will leave it open and make a small candy dish out of it.

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