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January 11, 2017
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January 12, 2017

How to make a personalized paper bowl with kids hand imprint to serve as a jewelry dish or catch-all bowl. Make a great Mothers’ Day or Father’s Day gift. Open Hand is a symbol of blessing, fortune, wealth, health, happiness, power and strength.

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  1. Ellie'sVids says:

    Thanks this was a great totorial!

  2. Do you think this will also result if I use fabric instead of tissue paper? By the way, I loved this tutorial!

  3. Marisa bella says:

    thank you,,this will be a great gift,will definitely try it.

  4. I really want to make this for my mom but I don't have white glue?would it work with clear school glue?

  5. this was done with just white elmers glue? how long does it hold?

  6. Super cute idea x

  7. DenofGoods says:

    Sweet, the whole family can try these ideas

  8. Leo Pajo says:

    Cute! Watched your video. Keep it up. I make similar videos, check it out.

  9. ClayClaim says:

    Very sweet! Thank a lot for your channel :)

  10. espectacular gracias

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