DIY Unicorn Party (…and Chloe turned 6!!)

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March 28, 2017
March 29, 2017

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This is a little past due, but I thought it would be fun to share a little more about Chloe’s 6th birthday…..a DIY UNICORN PARTY!  She told me months ago that she wanted a party full of unicorns and all things magical…..but since I knew I would be in my 3rd trimester with this current pregnancy by the time her birthday rolled around (March 2nd), I kinda wanted to just buy everything for her party.  However, have you tried looking for unicorn party supplies?!?!  Yeah, there’s not much.  Which is SO strange, considering how popular unicorns are right now.  And even though I had so much more on my list to make for her party (like some little stuffed unicorns for her friends to decorate or dress while at the party—wouldn’t that have been FUN?!)……I did make quite a few things that turned out really fun!

So, maybe you have a little one who is begging for a unicorn party.  Or you are trying to find more inspiration for decorating a bedroom with unicorns.  Whatever it is…..hopefully this will help!


Okay, first of all, Chloe’s birthday is March 2nd.  (Have many of you been around that long to remember her birth post 6 years ago?  It was the first pregnancy/birth story that I shared about here on this blog…..I can’t believe I’ve been blogging that long, plus a few more years.)  However, on the day of her scheduled birthday, our WHOLE family had either Flu B, Strep, or both.  Uggggh.  You guys, that real flu stuff is awful.  And hangs on for a looooong time.  Anyway, I had to call all of Chloe’s little friends the night before and cancel — which Chloe was DEVASTATED about. 🙁

So, we had to reschedule her party for a couple weeks later, but it was also the tail end of our spring break.  Several of her friends were still in town…but quite a few weren’t.  But, it was the only the weekend that worked and honestly, she was just EXCITED to finally to be having her birthday, so it worked out great!  (Have I ever explained to you guys that kindergarten is the first year we throw a “friend party” for our kids?  So it’s kind of a big deal to my kids!)

Anyway, it wasn’t a super fussy, over-the-top party…..but there were still some really fun components that made it special.  And really fun for that spunky little Chloe girl of mine! 🙂

I didn’t photograph tutorials for anything because I didn’t think they really needed it, but I’ll just share a few (or way too many) pictures of her little party, to give some ideas.

***Purchased Items: pastel watercolor bunting from Michaels.


The party was in the morning, so I didn’t really make any food.  Just cupcakes and pink lemonade.  Pretty easy.

***Purchased Items: plates and napkins from Target, glittery scalloped cupcake liners from Hobby Lobby, plastic champagne glasses from Dollar Store.


For the cupcakes toppers, I found a free unicorn image here, photoshopped the unicorn image to a circle, cut them out, and hot glued them to some sucker sticks….and then stuck them in the cupcakes.


Each of the party guests were given a unicorn horn headband to wear, as well as a yarn unicorn tail to tie around their waist.  I wish I would have taken a better shot of these colorful tails bouncing around on the back sides of all these little girls and they pranced around, because it really was so cute…..but I forgot.  Ack!

But the headband is just a piece of felt cut into a triangle shape (just like the Unicorn Hoodie Tutorial HERE) but instead of sewing it, I hot glued it closed, turned it right side out, stuffed with batting, and then glued a felt circle to the bottom to close it off.  Then I hot glued it onto a plastic headband (which I bought for cheap HERE) and then hot glued some thin gold ribbon around the horn, to dress it up a bit.  Done!

As for the tail, I folded a bunch of strands of colorful yarn (about 24 inches long or so) in half over a piece of wide white ribbon.  I tied the yarn together with an extra piece of yarn, right below the fold of the strands and the piece of white ribbon……to keep them in place and then tied a piece of pink ribbon in a bow in the same spot.  Now the tail can be tied around the waist in a bow with the white ribbon.


In the living room, I hung some Happy Birthday Gold Foil Balloons (which I bought at Hobby Lobby…..but found them much cheaper HERE).


Oh, and a few weeks ago I shared how to make those Unicorn Party Balloons HERE.  They really were so cute hanging up on the wall!


And hanging from the fireplace in the living room, I hung some inexpensive streamers.  I also made that cloud shape that’s sitting up on the mantel out of a big piece of cardboard and then covered it in some quilt batting that I had.  I also cut out a big unicorn shape from cardboard and covered it in gold glittery scrapbook paper.

***Purchased Items: the white fringe bunting from Michaels, gold glittery craft paper from Michaels, streamers from any craft store.


For the party favor bags, I just bought some plain brown paper bags and cut out some cloud shapes out of white felt.  Then, I glued pieces of ribbon to the felt (in rainbow order) and then glued them to the front of the paper bags.  Then, I cut out more unicorn circles (that I explained in the cupcakes above) and glued those onto the clouds.  These bags held all their candy from the pinata and the other items we made while at the party.


And that’s everything I made ahead of time!  See???  Nothing too crazy or over the top…..but still quite a few things that make the party a little more special (and will still take a little time to put together….but nothing that’s going to break the bank)!

As for the party, here’s what we did after Chloe’s little friends came over.

First, they each grabbed a headband and tied a tail around their waist.  (Connor and Oliver were there too….but they didn’t want headbands or tails.  Also, the reason one of the little girls is blurred out, is because I forgot to get permission from her mom to post her picture here.)


Then, we headed over to the dining room table to make a few things.


First, we made some simple rainbow unicorn bracelets.  I just bought simple stretchy jewelry cord, each of the girls picked the bead colors they wanted, and they started stringing them on.


It’s kinda hard to see, but I also gave each of them a unicorn charm to add to their bracelet (I bought the unicorn charms for cheap HERE)….which they all thought was fun!


If you’re having a party for a younger crowd, they can still make necklaces or jewlery, but might need a bead with a bigger opening, like pony beads to string.  Oliver’s only 2 1/2 and strung these by himself, and was as happy as can be about that! 🙂


Next, we decorated Unicorn horns (or sugar cones) with frosting and sprinkles.


And then gobbled it up once they were done.  (Yep, that’s Ellie and Connor munching away!  Turns out, 10 and 8 year olds are seriously the best to have around at birthday parties.  The BEST helpers!)


Now, for some reason……my kids think the BEST thing you can have at a party, HANDS DOWN, is a pinata!  Ha!  It always makes me laugh because it always breaks so fast and there’s not much to it, but Ellie, Connor and Chloe have ALL been so excited about this pinata!


So naturally, Chloe was ECSTATIC when it was her turn!


After it broke (I think everyone even got a turn), they all gathered up their loot!


Then we headed back inside and gathered around the table for cupcakes and the Happy Birthday song!


Chloe was sure excited to have another candle to blow out (since we had already celebrated her birthday as a family on her actual birthday)!


And was quite dramatic about blowing out the candle!


Then, it was time for presents!  And let me tell you…..Chloe was so excited to see what each of her friends brought her!  Each present opened was pure joy for this girl!


Chloe is a hugger.  So, of course, she tackled each one of her friends with a big huge hug! 🙂


And that took up all the time for her party… all the girls just played for a few minutes before parents arrived!  It really was a simple party to host and even though the decorations took a little prep time, they were so fun to make.  And very satisfying to tie everything together as a Unicorn themed party!

Oh, and I shared this before….but in case you need a little inspiration for an invite, here’s the one I created in photoshop, using the same unicorn image that I used in the cupcake toppers above.


Agggh, this girl is growing up WAY too fast!  It doesn’t help that she tries her best to speed time up and act more like her 10 year old sister! (Knock it off and stay little!)


Sweet little Coco, you sure liven up our home!  Your constant twirling, your imagination, your spunk….it always keeps us smiling!


You have been counting down to your 6th birthday for months…..and it finally came!  You were so easy to please and so excited for every single little detail!  It sure made the extra effort a lot of fun!


Happy birthday sweet girl! 🙂





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