DOLL TOILET PAPER | How to make American Girl Doll Toilet Paper

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May 7, 2017
Penguin Crafts for Kids
May 8, 2017

Today we crafted Doll Toilet Paper. We made this doll size toilet paper to go with our new toilet craft. The toilet paper is the perfect size for your dolls and perfect to add to your toy bathroom accessories.


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  1. shea wong says:

    Can you make a d.i.y mini American girl doll.

  2. Jojo's Vlog says:

    please make toilet paper!

  3. Leesh Bomb says:

    Can you please make a DIY American girl doll toilet paper holder

  4. make a American girl doll flex 2 fitbit

  5. Melaina P says:

    can you make cereal and the cereal box including a bowl and spoon

  6. Can u make American Girl Scout cookies🍪 please

  7. MustangEF8 says:

    can u make a DIY American girl make up kit? please?

  8. I honestly think most AG stuff is too small for them and a better fit for Barbie dolls like if you agree

  9. Marina ordon says:

    Can you make a lemonade stand

  10. Keira Newton says:

    Please do a doll chap stick

  11. Raya Smith says:

    yyyyyyyyyyea 😘😘😘😘😘😘

  12. do a diy food craft made of air dry clay

  13. cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Kim Petrino says:

    can you make a store please !!!!

  15. I ❤️ all these crafts because i got julies bathroom the first week of march!

  16. My requests: doll toilet plunger, LEGO friends, and In N Out

  17. I live in rome make me one please at my home

  18. Lorena Hill says:

    do you think you can make a tissue bow with tissues please

  19. Could you make a doll shower? 🙂

  20. Cathy Rose says:

    can you plz do a playsit

  21. plz make toilet wipes

  22. make a diy doll straberry milk

  23. Can you do American Girl girl Scout cookies 🍪

  24. can you do girl scout cookies plz

  25. can you make a doll TV or a doll puppy

  26. Shreya Johar says:

    can you make a mall with tons of shops DIY?

  27. Do a dry girl stout cookies

  28. Do a dry girl stout cookies

  29. Leah Kaiser says:

    American girl ideas can you make beer and wine for AG dolls

  30. American girl idea can you make a gym bag

  31. Jada juarez says:

    Can you make a doll sink

  32. Can you do a DIY American girl doll couch

  33. Jerry Raines says:

    you are very cool you come up with the greatest ideas😉😉

  34. #craftit can you do Girl Scout cookie 🍪

  35. LaToya White says:

    can you make ag doll potato chips please

  36. I love u so much ur so cool

  37. Agdolls1.2.3 says:

    Can you do a toilet paper holder?

  38. Alyssa Kline says:

    Yeah diy Girl Scout cookies

  39. can you make skateboard or tissue box?

  40. Randall A Day Salon for your AG Girl dolls

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