Easy Arts & Crafts Projects for Kids : Making a Clay Stegosaurus Dinosaur: Arts & Crafts Projects for Kids

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May 31, 2017
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May 31, 2017

How to teach young children to make a clay Stegosaurus dinosaur arts and crafts project; get expert tips and advice on arts and crafts for kids at preschool through elementary school ages in this free instructional video.



  1. Anu Kottur says:

    ammmazzzing- BUT his enemies were Ceratosaurus and Allosaurus.
    T Rex lived 90 million years after Stegosaurus had died out

  2. Its called an APATOSAURUS, not "Brontysaurus". Moron.

  3. sfnc21 says:

    wow, my word. intelligence is not your forte. get a life. this is a cute how to. you are a useless waste of life.

    Nice video. that is adorable. i love making arts and crafts creative and educational. this is a great project.

  4. sfnc21 says:

    especially. you are *ESPECIALLY* unintelligent.

  5. Joe Tulley says:

    Thank you for this. I'll be trying it out with my preschoolers. They'll love it. Thanks for your time too.

  6. 1:06 "whenever somebody would come up to him he would wack em with his tail" oh great a little kid heard that an is non wacking me……thanks

  7. DR.CHELS says:

    Skip to 3:01 and see if you really want to waste you 3minutes and 35 seconds.

  8. .The stegasaurus lived in the jurassic but the tyranosaurus lived in the creatatios.So pretty much a few hundred years

  9. I can make a better stagusarus/ dinosaur then you T____T

  10. Your so Killing me with our bordom 🙂 witch is good when I need to sleep .

  11. yeah ok, ok, I know this thing is cool and all but, can any one tell me how to make a simple but more REALISTIC dinosaurs?

  12. DX Newington says:

    Cute steggo. You have lovely nails too. Nice video.

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