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May 22, 2017
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May 22, 2017

This tutorial will show you how to fold an easy origami house. This is an easy origami paper craft for kids. Learning how to fold origami is fun! 🙂

This is a great beginner project, and is very kid-friendly. It requires 1 square sheet of paper, and no glue. The paper doesn’t have to be special origami paper – it can be regular computer paper. I used a 3″ square, but if you’re just starting, you can use a larger square sheet of paper.

Get creative decorating the origami house, or make a whole bunch of paper houses to create a miniature village. 🙂 Bonus: Add a ghost, and you’ve got yourself an instant haunted house for Halloween. YES, Halloween! It’s coming sooner than you know it! 😉

Also check out these EASY origami tutorials!

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  1. BPRM Fishing says:

    Hi Jenny. I love fishing so do u think you could make a model of a lake or fishing pole. Thanks.

  2. SeeHow would like to live in an origami house. I see how this was a beautiful origami house.

  3. Wow!  What a coincidence… we both uploaded origami house tutorials this week!  We flooded the Youtube origami housing market with new listings! 

  4. Do a back to school giveaway!!

  5. Alexandra says:

    Thank you so much this helped so much

  6. Make an simple
    Origami 3d I LOVE YOU or Origami simple flapping bat or butterfly

  7. Make a cat! Reply if you do

  8. KidsPlanet says:

    I like it too, nice 0_o

  9. тнιѕ ωαѕ ѕσ ¢σσℓ αи∂ нєℓρfυℓ тнαикѕ ѕσ мυ¢н


  11. Vilma Mv says:

    Thanks I make Chick fil – a

  12. Genny Turtle says:

    Do a origami phone 📱

  13. Leon Gendlin says:

    very nice
    thank you.
    I'm trying to teach kids in my daughter daycare how to do origami models.
    what other models would you recommend for 5 year old kids?

  14. cool 😎😎😎😎😎😎

  15. This is something my brother would create with a napkin 😂

  16. Tasha Holmes says:

    I am an Occupational Therapist and I had a few of my students complete this activity to work on their visual motor skills and their ability to follow directions. Thank you for providing an easy to follow activity.

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