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February 16, 2017
How to Make Simple Origami Paper Craft for Kids | Tutorial Paper Box Making Techniques at Home Easy
February 16, 2017

I’ve been striking out with toys lately, so I figured I try the recycling bin! The cardboard was a HUGE hit! I hope you try it. =) Subscribe for new vids M-W-F! http://bit.ly/sub2moms

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  1. Good job ???? really nice job.

  2. Holo Queen says:

    "Sexy cardboard voice"

  3. Holo Queen says:

    I prefer watching Elle more than Brooke and meg

  4. Mlkhghhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhjghbbjokuuu. Uhccsxchgf'. ´. ´´jfggjjyyuyybbvhgdfgddfghhhhhhhhhryfrftfffffffffffffffggb hghiygrhhhbhyyuj,,qzdfrf t v

  5. Im watching in 2017 so they have 1,000,000 subsribers

  6. Why did I put an f if Presley was playing with it more then ford

  7. Claire Davis says:


  8. this was my first video of what's up moms

  9. Yake Cantor says:


  10. my last name is on that

  11. My daughter has the same shirt as Presley

  12. 0:13 did she say my sexy voice

  13. Irah Tube says:

    Why didn't you just hot glue the pushpins into the box or just use the regular pushpins???

  14. Ford was so young on this video ?

  15. Is dad's birthday name Sophie

  16. Why would Ross kill you for every little mistake you do?

  17. Crystal Ross says:

    hi I'm hope sky Ross all of your videos I got an idea for your next video maybe you should have a Ballantyne video maybe you should make diamond heart you just need soap heart mold melters soap it's just like me that Diamond video maybe you should ask that person is that if they can make a heart video cuz I love all your videos I'm your biggest fan just like that Diamond video I've please that Heart video I'm just saying I'm your biggest fan and I would really love if you make a video about heart diamonds how bye

  18. Toylover 123 says:

    I loved when you said hey did you pay for that

  19. Thank you for making this video i always want to have a carboard house but i dont know then i saw this video and made a carboard house

  20. Abc Abc says:

    Joyce. Do. 200,000

  21. Maya Hyett says:

    I already have a guitar ? I also now how to play it

  22. Nicole Park says:

    Here's another tip for little girls, if she like to paint her nails but your afraid of the toxic fumes and she might swallow then mix together some water and CRAYOLA ( because their nontoxic) paint and have her glam away, just make sure that the paint is nontoxic

  23. Brooke is her aunt???????

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