Fun & Easy Crafts with Kids! // Summer Camp Ideas // Gifts

CRAFTS FOR KIDS, drawing, craft projects, jewelry making, paper arts
June 1, 2017
Green Kid Crafts Subscription Box Unboxing: February Box “Ocean”
June 2, 2017

Fun & Easy Crafts with Kids! // Summer Camp Ideas // Gifts
***Supplies are from our sponsor Craft Chameleon/Punch Place Plus

Paper scraps
Metal leaf and/or glitter, microbeads, sequins, rinestones, beads, charms and any embellishments you like
Rub-ons or alphabet stickers
Top coat for glitter (Acrylic sealer, mod-podge, glossy accents, clear glue etc)
Alta Caps (the cute plastic frames)
Dome stickers:
Punches to match caps (optional)
Adhesive sheets (The seconds are fine and way cheaper!)
Wire, cord, keyrings:
Small dies for tiny shapes

You could use these accessories with the decorated Alta Caps:

*Note: Don’t use adhesive sheets in punches, it may create a lot of buildup on the punch and make it work poorly, besides, the adhesive sheets cut great with scissors. If you get adhesive on the scissors you can clean it off with goo-gone.

Fun & Easy Crafts with Kids! // Summer Camp Ideas // Gifts

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Video production and Craft ideas: Lindsay Weirich
Music: Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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  1. Hi Lindsay what a great demo and with your daughters they are so sweet. Many ideas here. Adding this to my list thank you again hugs Bev

  2. Chris Abitz says:

    Good job. Following in Mom's foot steps.

  3. very nice, and your children are following you lead, the apple does not fall far from the tree lol. I think it is great that you all can be so handy together as a family.. Love them all

  4. W Culpepper says:

    Lots of great ideas here — I can envision using them on other substrates too. Thanks, Lindsay, Maisy, and Lila!

  5. TishNStan says:

    Hey can you make personality bracelets

  6. Anita Holmes says:

    I enjoyed this video….great ideas.  Was fun listening to your daughters!  The projects were great!   TFS

  7. Hasti Desai says:

    Wonderful ideas!!

  8. Your daughters are amazing! They both did such a great job on this vid! They spoke so naturally. Very nice! I think they have YouTube careers in their future!

  9. hi Lindsey love the little ones your daughter's made they're becoming lil Crafters just like Mom and love the steampunk butterfly you made wish you would make more videos with the kids

  10. wow Megan's got it, she sounds so profesh on camera.
    look out Linsday, I think she's gonna need a youtube channel too!!
    way t go girls!! 🙂
    (hugs) Diana xx

  11. What a great job the kids did! Well done girls!

  12. Great tutorial as always Lindsay! 🙂 my watersoluabe crayons arrived today! 🙂 the lyra and the Caran D'Ache 10 watercolour crayons
    I am close to my family too it's lovely! Kids Crafts amazing ideas! my niece is only 7 but she likes to make some bracelets and other craft stuff!

    Take Care
    -Gracie from fb!

  13. smurfie161 says:

    Really fun projects , nice to see your girls crafting with you

  14. AussiexKat says:

    Beautiful crafts by beautiful girls! Just like they're wonderful mother 🙂

  15. Joanna Skor says:

    Great job girls!  Very well done.  They're just like their mom!

  16. wear did you get those little watch gears you used on the butterfly? (^-^)

  17. cool ideas, thanks for sharing!

  18. Those cutie acorns don't fall far from the frugal tree! How sweet are your daughters. Loved this videos, girls! 💖👍

  19. olderendirt says:

    My goodness the girls are growing up! 🙂 Great to have them crafting, too. Very cute projects for any age.

  20. Ah how sweet! I just love how your daughters love to craft like you do! I think mine want's to start coloring in those coloring books with me since I have been collecting some of those now! She even gave me one for Mother's Day! Can we use another adhesive like E 6000 or some thing made for jewelry? I try to stay away from strong smelling things that can make me sick! Love the butterflies 🙂

  21. M.B. Meyer says:

    Loved watching the kids do the crafts. They gave great tutorials! Following in Mom's footsteps😊.

  22. CATHY WEBB says:

    Are you a art teacher?

  23. Looks like the apples have not fallen far from the tree! Great job, girls! Maybe it is time for them to start their own channel?

  24. My goodness what charming little "do-bees" I really enjoyed these girls and very well spoken, I'm impressed. Great job, hope to see their crafts again as I have three busy Girl Scout granddaughters who love to craft. Thank you!

  25. You did a great job too Mom! I watch ALL your videos – so pretty and fun I never get tired of the wonderful cards and new ideas. You should run for President, there'd be no more war. lol

  26. Kim Hannan says:

    The links aren't working. 404 message code…. 🙁 Specifically looking for the "seconds" sheets of adhesive.

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