Green Kid Crafts (GIVEAWAY & Project Demo!)

Sew a Carrot Treat Bag for Easter!
March 13, 2017
Happy Birthday Shapes and Templates for Crafts, Cards, Signs & More!
March 14, 2017

Enter by March 11, 2013! (2011 isn’t as bad as the 1998 I wrote on a check the other day…. losing my mind!!)

Deacon and I have had a BLAST with these projects! They’re simple, understandable & great for various ages… They are ideal for children ages 3-8.
This is the mot affordable box that I have seen… it’s nice to have something under the $20 price point. This would make a great birthday present too!

All you need to enter is to like them on Facebook and follow the other direction mentioned in the vide!

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  1. NKTV77 says:

    My 4 year old & 16 month boys both love to paint, color & draw and anything with glitter

  2. I have boys, 3 and 5, they love stickers and coloring and cuting paper.

  3. CoreyBelle says:

    I liked them! I have a 3 year old daughter & a 1 year old son… daughter LOVES baking with me & since going Vegan she is thrilled to help me cook & prepare meals any time! So cooking & baking are our favorite "crafts" or activities!

  4. My son and I have made some flower mixed with baby oil, and are enjoying playing with that πŸ˜‰

  5. Liked them and love it … Haha when my oldest daughter was still a toddler we loved to make homemade fingerprint she would stay occupied for hours.

  6. mymimiworld says:

    Sandy 3 yrs old loves finger painting, Amy 1 yr old loves to walk all over the paintings! lol

  7. mornenstar07 says:

    My 2 toddlers love to help me bake and play with play dough!

  8. Lana B says:

    My son (27 months) Loves to color

  9. Samuel LOVES to pain. Any kind of paint, any surface. He loves it when I let him use water colors on our glass door and windows. When he's done (and after he has had a chance to show Daddy his artwork), we have fun washing the windows together.

  10. Trey loves cutting paper with scissors and playing with playdough.

  11. IDreamBaby says:

    Cookie decorating, and coupon cutting, theme craft like autumn leaves/ trees winterland spring flowers summertime

  12. Shazmcd says:

    Finger painting and cookie decorating are my two faves with my son!!

  13. FrostyMomma says:

    anything using glitter and scissors

  14. My son is 3 loves to make cookies and and anything he can cut out!

  15. My daughter's favorite thing right now is to cut out shapes in a piece of paper and then color the pieces with markers (she is past the crayon stage…lol…must be markers). She is going to flip out when she gets to use paint this spring!

  16. becca mills says:

    That is great, wish we had that in the uk! X

  17. DanniRose26 says:

    We just started doing water colors, it is lots of fun.

  18. We started some finger painting!

  19. Nicole link says:

    Finger painting , coloring

  20. Ainsley531 says:

    My daughter loves anything that has to do with cutting something out. We also love making our own play dough and silly putty.

  21. Amber.C says:

    My 2yr old loves finger painting.

  22. I think my kids like crafts that involve beads the best.

  23. mrsditalo says:

    My twins are so into painting right now!

  24. nolita505 says:

    My son loves to paint and help bake. (And I really need more project ideas!)

  25. Lauren says:

    We love to cook and practice writing here. πŸ™‚

  26. Our favorite is coloring and play dough πŸ™‚

  27. Whitney Dees says:

    aside from the severe drought 98 was a great year!lol i was ten and fantastic!!! lol

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