DIY Curly Gift Bows Tutorial
December 28, 2016
Sparkly Princess Word Spacer Tutorial
December 29, 2016

I LOVE doing these videos guys! I used to babysit these 3 boys for almost 8 years and I had so much fun with them! Now that I have my own son, I’m so excited he’s at the age to start doing crafts with him and so many fun different things. These crafts work for older kids also. Some of them are even better for older kids. I have more videos like these coming soon, so thumbs up to let me know if you LOVE them!!

ps. I recently re-launched my music channel. I know at first thought people tend to think “oh great, another YouTuber wanting to do Music.” I totally get that pre-conception. Although I support anyone who wants to improve at music and support other YouTubers, music has always been my passion, and a passion that runs through my family history. My goal is to become a better musician, and I’m excited to share tons more on that channel this year… If you love music, check it out Thanks for your support!









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  1. It's been proven that having kids ages you up to 10 years..I'm not sure if its the pregnancy and labor, or the stress of kids in general.. I think I'll wait till I'm at least in my 30's to start popping kids out.

  2. Cute ideas! 🙂 I noticed that you really like to live healthy and I found this amazing Company that makes chicken stripes, burgers and meatballs out of plant protein and they are really high in Calcium, iron and Vitamins. They are called beyond meat and they sell at whole foods and safeway. You should check them out and maybe review them. 🙂 Greetings from Germany by the way :P

  3. Wouldn't it be hard to pour the cocoa mix out of the jar? Since it has a lot of "big things" in it?
    Or is it just me? It looks like the chocolate pieces would get stuck. But fantastic ideas!

  4. Love your snow globe idea! It turned out super cute.

  5. what is the music during the intro?

  6. Loved all these ideas the snow globe is awesome and my favorite.
    Hugs Alli

  7. Oh my gosh! Ninja turtle ornaments made me excited! My 6 year old nephew loves that show so much :)

  8. theStar Kimi says:

    love this video especially the snow globe with family picture – you're so creative

  9. Great ideas!! Always good to have these on hand for some free time fillers. Really liked it!

  10. joyjoyoo says:

    All are awesome ideas

  11. trash boy says:

    Your voice is so amazing today I watched a lot of your videos and I was feeling kinda sad but omg your voice just made me feel better

  12. Lyra Sunset says:

    Wow awesome video my sister wanted me to make her a hello kitty ornaments

  13. xXBlueleafXx says:

    You've done it again, Rachel! Keep up the lovely work!

    xoxo, Blueleaf245

  14. Maya Lamb43 says:

    im like one of your biggest fans i love uour channel. saddly i was not here from the beginning but i saw one of your videos and fell in love with them. keep up the good work and have fun. oliver is ADORABLE and you are. so pretty have an amazing day :3.

  15. Morgan Moore says:

    do more with Oliver

  16. Where are you gonna take Oliver to see snow

  17. David Allen says:

    please do a room tour of Oliver's room ⛄

  18. Quynh Anh says:

    im not much of a fan for diy but your videos are exception. your ideas are always so creative yet easy to recreate! keep up with the good work Rachel :)

  19. For the fake snow u can also use water and baking soda

  20. Celine Chan says:

    where do you live

  21. B.G. Simpson says:

    I love your vids!!!! so creative

  22. B.G. Simpson says:

    the chocolate ornament was REALLY creative

  23. Jimmie Ng says:

    Wait you have one son right ?www

  24. Sanam Reza says:

    The chocolate ornaments are amaaaazing Rachel!!!

  25. These are so cool, I am still a kid but I loved doing these with my mom

  26. SASSYAG RM says:

    How old is Oliver

  27. KeiraCutie says:

    Rachel I love you so much and Oliver is soooo cute you mean the world to me!!! Please reply to this text please

  28. I love the sits there so cute and fun???????

  29. Qiu Shuyu says:

    Can you pleas do more videos like this.

  30. Theoretically speaking, if I were to add Liquid Nitrogen to the fake snow, It would hypothetically make it feel like snow. (Not pouring Liquid Nitrogen in and start to play with it INSTANTLY)

  31. viviera19 says:

    love the snow flake jar with the photo + ninja balls ??

  32. Amysha Jaggi says:

    collab with whats up mom

  33. Ayla Walsh says:

    Rachel a recommended channel is what's up moms

  34. Ayla Walsh says:

    Rachel I sold that you watch Alisha Marie and Mia Stammer

  35. Peman Khalid says:

    Why am I watching this

  36. Betty Brown says:

    2:532:56 NOOOOOO you don't add water to hot chocolate you add milk you add water to hot cocoa and if it's cold it's not hot chocolate… OK it's out of my system now

  37. Fiona Chau says:

    when r u going to have another kid??

  38. Aya says:

    Thanks for inspiration Rachel!

  39. For snow I can just use water and baking soda and it's cold like snow

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