How To: Duct Tape Bow | Crafts for Kids with Crafty Carol

Time to spill the beans (…my secret’s out!)
January 9, 2017
Pokemon DIY Pencil Case – “Back to School” Crafts for Kids
January 10, 2017

We love duct tape and we love our friends at Kid Made Modern, so of course we had to DIY a duct tape bow. You’re going to love these little duct tape bows so much you’ll be making them for you, and all of your friends! Tell us in the comments how you’re going to wear your bow!
See how the kids at Kid Made Modern make a wallet, tote bag, and messenger bag from Duct Tape:

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  5. ScHooL CooL???????????????????

  6. i already made a golden duct tape bow because i watched this video a lot of times so that i would remember how to make it.thanks crafty carol!

  7. When is Crafty Carol day?

  8. I made 310!!!!!!!! of them.

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  10. When is Crafty Carol's DAY ??!!

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    Crafty Coal i made ALL of your crafts

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    I love monster high

  16. Can you please make a video of a bow but using food I did that and it wroed

  17. I am a big fan of you crafty Carol I love you so much I love you videos

  18. Make a hat out of yarn !!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEAS!!!!!!

  19. Bryan Florin says:

    you are very beautiful crafty carol

  20. wow crafty carol I will make 1000 of them .

  21. Crafty Carol this Bow is so Cute I love it

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    You are so good at crafts

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