How to make a Shopkins DIY Pencil Case | Kid Crafts | KidToyTesters

Play Doh Eggs | Easter DIY Arts & Crafts for Kids! Fun Easter for Children |
December 13, 2016
MOM HACKS ℠ | Arts & Crafts (Ep. 2)
December 13, 2016

In this Shopkins DIY Pencil Case Craft Video Yumi teaches you how to make your own custom personalized Pencil Case.

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  1. Kira Kintzer says:

    you say boom to much m

  2. Joe Mendez says:

    mine is a favorite one

  3. You are really good at art.

  4. Misi Tea says:

    Where did you buy the clay?

  5. Flawless 10 says:

    I love shopkins number one fan higher than everyone in this world so I will do this

  6. Chelsee Lira says:

    I have the other toffee coffee (coffee)

  7. nicole dudek says:

    where do you get the paste

  8. Dionna Cruz says:


  9. hahahahhahaa she said u can buy it from stores or from our sisters bedroom ur kinda funny I love it, now on I M UR SUBSCRIBER YE THREE CHEERS 4 ME. LOL???? BYR I REALLY LIKE UR VIDEOS

  10. so cool ??????☺☺☺

  11. I like the way your pencil case came out and I did the same thing as you is so pretty and cool thanks for showing us how to make a pencil case like that

  12. you're so pretty! what grade are you in?

  13. cool like it not to be mean could you do something better thancks

  14. Scott Hall says:

    Do you like the color pink

  15. My favorite shopkin is flushes

  16. kook cookie season 1

  17. Jay Davila says:

    lippy lips and starberry kiss?????

  18. í đóńť wàńț ţô wāśťè my shopkins but thanks.i know u do this for the ppl that can or would do it and like it and not for mean ppl.Bye #fan.

  19. FavShopkin: The Taci

  20. juan Rivera says:

    Cool shopkins i like trash packs too?and also i like all of your videos like the fnaf toys and the pizza change and more of your videos and cip up the good work??????????????✌

  21. Burton Wolfe says:

    can you maybe yoos a hotgloogun

  22. Burton Wolfe says:

    What is your favorite shopkins yume

  23. you are so pretty

  24. Tiny Kitten says:

    Does the shopkans come off

  25. where do you live at I live in Arkansas

  26. Feroz Aamir says:

    So bad vedio how she is talking

  27. Kira Salaz says:

    peely potaoto and microphone

  28. TBG says:

    You copy bubble pop kids?????

  29. hi yumi I'm so sorry about the people who said mean things about u ?

  30. omg your sooo pretty!

  31. Why is their so many rude comments about yumi what did she even do to you guys did she break your hearts or what stop being mean to her and l am not being rude or mean I am just telling you guys yumi l am not talking about you just the mean people that are telling rude things you yumi okay bye not the rude and yumi ????????????????????????l am making angry faces because people are making mean comments about yumi not the good people that are being mean the good are good and nice the nice people are making nice comments ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️???????????????????????????????if you see any angry faces it's because of the mean comments ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????bye

  32. sweetbird says:

    Sorry but have to copy right you sorry about this

  33. My favorite shopkin is ice cream dream

  34. Amaris Diaz says:

    I think it needs some glitter and sparkles

  35. I love it it looks amazing and delicious

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