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January 22, 2017
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January 22, 2017

These colorful bug magnets are so fun & easy make that even Grace made her own. The bodies are crafted from cotton balls & plastic bottle caps, so as long as you have a magnet around the house you can get started right away. We made lady bugs, bees and flies. Using this technique you can make just about any bug you can dream up.

A special thank you to Plaid for sending us the kid formulated Mod Podge. Now, if we get glue on our clothes or craft table it will wash right out.

PURCHASE Mod Podge ® Wash Out For Kids using the link below:

• Cotton balls
• Plastic bottle caps
• Mod Podge:
• Glue Gun
• Magnets
• Paint
• Googely Eyes
• Construction Paper or other materials for wings & lady bug head
• Pipe Cleaners – optional


1. Dipping your cotton ball in Mod Podge and tucking it inside the bottle cap. The bulge above the bottle cap becomes the body of your insect. If you’re making the bee you can glue the magnet right to the bottom of the cotton ball. Watch our video here for a guide.

2. Paint the bottle cap & cotton ball. Then let that dry for about 15 minutes.

3. If you’re creating the ladybug or wasp, cut a half circle out of black construction paper and hot glue it to the head of the cotton ball. This will become the head of your insect.

4. Next you’ll hot glue or Mod Podge your googly eyes onto the head of your bug. For those of you making the bee, just glue those right to the cotton ball.

5. If your bug needs wings or antennas glue those on accordingly. Our video shows you how to do this step.

6. The last step is to hot glue a magnet to the bottom of your bottle cap and display on the refrigerator.

Comment on our video which bug you liked best!

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  2. My favorite was the pink lady bug?

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