Op Art For Kids: Inspired By Victor Vasarely
March 28, 2017
BearFamShow: DIY Kinetic Sand + kids arts and crafts + Make Something Monday
March 28, 2017

Chelsea and Millie craft a Pac-Man mural with washi tape!
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Chelsea, Millie and guest show you how to create fun and simple video game themed crafts.

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Kids Craft – Wall Mural



  1. I wonder who recorded.

  2. Geoff shave the mustache or I steal your cake MAHAHAHHAHAHAH

  3. 3:45 millie was so done lol

  4. Chelsea is so pretty! I want to get my hair done like hers!!

  5. The editing on this video is awesome.

  6. S John says:

    Geoff y u do dis?

  7. Havent followed Game kids as much lately, huh, so that's what Chelsea looks like, awesome. I feel like Geoff told Millie the perfect way to cope with sad games at good age considering her response at around 4:20

    Also Geoff why D:

  8. wolf870626 says:

    Chelsea is beautiful and she looks so much like Arryn

    and Millie is the best kid I hope to have such a smart sweet kid who likes games like her one day

  9. 3:47 is absolutely killing me right now oh my god

  10. Luke Glover says:

    I like that Geoff immediately started tearing it off of the wall 😛

  11. vampgirltish says:

    geoff the killjoy and millie's smooth "leeeets goooooo" as they skedaddled out of there. excellent.

  12. Millie is so beautiful and the cutest.
    You are also beautiful, Chelsea 🙂
    Goeff, you party pooper :3
    Was Griffin recording?

  13. You could always make perler bead Tetris magnets, or ocarinas are pretty easy to make also (as long as an adult does the firing).

  14. cryomanic says:

    Legitimately, and obviously, AFTER A Pac-Man Mural, comes a Space Invaders Mural, followed by a Atari Asteroids Mural. That's just a given. And tradition wise, must be made just before Geoff returns home just after you finished, just so's he can destroy it.

  15. MsClicker01 says:

    Boo, Geoff your no fun

  16. Geoff at the end was hilarious

  17. luka Goricki says:

    Chelsea looks hot! Think i just fell in love 😀

  18. I guess the moral is 'make sure you have your parents permission' otherwise you'll have done all that work for nothing cuz they're gonna take it down cx

  19. UGH WHY GEOFF WHY lol i might try that, but like make large scale 8-bit megaman if thats possible

  20. It's quite the project but post it note video game characters!!!!!

  21. Emily Primer says:

    Remember kids don't cry, craft!

  22. Synris says:

    Seeing Chelsea next to Geoff… Someone didn't eat their greens when they were little. you're a hobbit!

  23. That ending was fantastic. I wonder if that was rehearsed to happen or if Geoff just walked in, say it, and proceeded to remove all the work you just did.

  24. Chelsea looks like a combination of Lindsay and Arryn.

  25. Kelsobunny says:

    Since Millie and Chelsea play the sims maybe make a headband ot something that has the green diamond over their head like irl sims, or maybe get a cardboard box to make custom minecraft heads

  26. Geena Hughes says:

    "Heeeeyyyy, Geeeeoooooffff….."
    This is a really cool idea!!! Thanks!

  27. borzoi - says:

    millie reminds me of ashley graham or heather mason. either way she also looks so much like her mother

  28. Ty Grenier says:

    The loverly girls are back at the shenanigans…I mean, crafts.

  29. Tom Dyer says:

    Geoff you Buzzkill!!

  30. Geoff is such a party pooper!

  31. Sarah Foster says:

    The matching necklaces are so cute. ^_^

  32. jake fincham says:

    I can't stop picturing millie with a mustache, I feel that she will inherit when she is of age!

  33. Aqua311 says:

    I come back to this video just so I can see Millie jump up at the beginning. She's so cute!

  34. Was that last part when geoff came in real or staged?

  35. You should play pack man 😎👪

  36. Did she burb at the beginning!!

  37. Mr Duck says:

    oh god that kids face ew

  38. Ave DIY says:

    That was mean of him to take it off, ya'll worked hard on that😕

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