Make a UNICORN HOODIE…in 30 minutes!

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January 11, 2017
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First of all, THANKS SO MUCH for all the love on my “Time to Spill the Beans” post on Monday.  Each comment made my heart increase in size just a bit…I swear of it!  But really, I appreciate you all so much! 🙂

. . . . .

I can’t even tell you how much I have missed sewing.  We are currently trying to overhaul my craft room and finally are adding shelves, cupboards, more organization, etc.  If I told you I have been crafting in a “horders junk pile” for almost 2 years….would you believe me?  Well, it’s true!  And I’m finally trying to dig out.  So, my machines haven’t been easy to get to and all of my supplies are in piles, waiting for their new shelf/cupboard. (I’ll share more once it’s done.)

However, among all the disorder, I got an intense itch to make a quick project for my unicorn loving daughter Chloe (who’s 5)…because I just couldn’t get it out of my head.  So I set my sewing machine up on a random table and made a quick Unicorn Hoodie… about 30 MINUTES!!!  And let me tell you, this girl was SO EXCITED!!


Once she puts it on, her little face lights up and she runs around, as if she truly is a magical unicorn.  I swear, 5 year olds are something special! 🙂


Chloe’s intense love for unicorns kinda tripled at Christmas time when Santa gifted her StarLily…this interactive unicorn, who Chloe ADORES! She thinks it’s pretty cool that she and StarLily kinda match!


She even tries to trot around on the ground, and paw her little hoof on the ground, just like StarLily does.  Cracks me up!


I ended up buying this grey hoodie on clearance but if you already have one….all you need is about $6.00 of fleece, and you can make the easiest little Unicorn Hoodie that your kiddo can wear for play or to school.  Because you bet the minute I was finished, Chloe informed me she would be wearing this to kindergarten the next day and would be showing Ella, Stevie, Dean, Emmory, and Ms. Conway!  And she also told me, “Oh, and don’t worry mommy, I’ll tell them not to pull on my horn or unicorn hair…because I know it’s special!”  Haha….Okay, Chloe, you do that! 🙂


The mane can be made in any color you want….but we were of course trying to match StarLily!


I think my favorite part is that spiral horn….which is actually pretty easy to make. Promise!


Oh Chloe, you have one vivid imagination….probably more so than any of the other kids!  The way you talk and create and perform… makes me smile (and laugh) almost daily!  Please PLEASE don’t ever lose that little spunk of yours, even if it sometimes agitates your siblings! Haha!  My goodness you are so fun to sew for these days! 🙂


Okay, are you ready to make one too?

SUPPLIES for Unicorn Hoodie:

  • Zipper Hoodie Jacket (Look on the clearance rack!)
  • 1/4 yard of fleece of 3 different colors
  • small scrap of white fleece for horn
  • batting
  • Sewing Supplies (here’s a list of my favorite sewing supplies, in case you need a few ideas)

***Check out my Sewing Terms 101 post, for additional help.


First of all, let’s make that horn!

Now, the size depends on preference….but I didn’t want it to be very big.  I figured a lower profile horn would stay out of the way better and would be less likely to get pulled on and crooked/disfigured.  But whatever size you decide, you’ll need 2 straight sides, and then a curved bottom.  And you may need to cut out a few samples until you get the shape you want.  But as a reference, this triangle is about 4.5 inches tall and 5.75 inches wide at the base. (Make sure to include extra along all sides for seam allowances.)


Fold your triangle in half and sew along the straight edge, using the seam allowance you gave yourself.


Turn right side and stuff with batting.  (I filled it pretty full because I didn’t want it to fall or bend with wear.)


Then, grab a needle and thread and then make a basting stitch about 1/2 inch (or whatever seam allowance you gave yourself) around the open edge of the horn.  (Need help with HAND SEWING?)


Pull your thread nice and tight, until it pulls the open edges inward, closing off the base of the horn.


Continuing pulling and then use your same thread and needle to secure the edges closed.


Now, this is optional….but why not add the spiral effect down the horn?!!  To do this, start a new long thread and double it up and add a knot to the end.  Stick the needle up through the bottom of the horn until the needle comes up and out of the very tip.


Then, begin winding your thread around the horn, in a diagonal slant.


After each time around, secure the thread along the back seam of the horn by creating a little stitch.  Make sure the thread is pulled tight, creating a line in the felt.


Then, continue wrapping one time (at a sort of diagonal) and securing at the back.


This is what it looks like from the front, once it’s done.  Didn’t that turn out cute?! 🙂


Now, secure your horn to the top front edge of your jacket hood, by hand stitching in place. (Thread your needle through the bottom of the horn to hide the initial knot and then carefully grab a little of the hood with your needle and then a little of the bottom edge of the horn and then work your way in and out…..all the way around the base of the horn. When you’re done, feed the needle down to the underside of the hood and make your final knot under there.)


Okay, onto the mane.  Measure the distance from where you attached your hood, down the back of the hood and down to however long you want the mane to attach.  (At first I only measured down the length of the hood but then later added about 4 inches past where the hood attaches to the jacket.)  Then decide how long you want your mane fringes to hang.  At first I thought 3 inches would be plenty but had to re-cut because 4.5 inches looked better.  So, for 4.5 inch fringe…you’ll need 3 strips of fleece that are 9 inches wide and then however long you need them to be (mine is about 14 inches long).  Place your 3 strips of fleece together and sew them together right down the center.


Then, pin them to your hood, centering the seam you sewed on the fleece down the center of the hoodie.  Sew right on top of that seam, attaching the fleece to your hood.


Just be sure that you place them right behind the horn, without much of a gap in between.


Now, start cutting each side into about 5/8-3/4 inch strips…..cutting right up to the seam, about 1/8 of an inch away.


Repeat on both sides….and then fluff up!  Your mane is complete!


Now your hoodie is ready for a big imagination!







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