Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Crafts for Children | Heart Blot Painting by Cullen’s Abc’s

Kids Poems for Black History Month
January 28, 2017
Melted Crayons Art / Arts and Crafts / Kids Creative World
January 29, 2017

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  1. CullensAbcs says:

    No that is perfect for preschoolers as well. After the paint is dry you could add stickers of things that live on the earth.
    Good idea!
    Cullen :)

  2. Taegan says:

    @MileysBigestFan1423 do u mean 11?

  3. dnanestrau says:

    I'm using this for my Sunday School class. Cuttting 2 horizontal slits in the middle when dry to insert a flower. The heart will be open on the stem with the flower above. Hopefully it will look like an Angel. Thanks for the great idea Cullen!

  4. CullensAbcs says:

    @dnanestrau that is a fantastic idea! Thank you for sharing.

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