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May 19, 2017
Fun, Free, Easy Kids Crafts to Do at Home : Fun & Simple Crafts
May 19, 2017

You and your little engineer can create any scene you want with this DIY children’s felt board craft!

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  1. could you made more movies with timothy the old ghost engine

  2. Great vid loved it so much it's amazing

  3. neville33010 says:

    What even is a felt board

  4. Kayla Random says:

    You get like a thousand subscribers every two days! 😀

  5. You Should Make a Thomas & Friends Fidget Spinner.

  6. Very creative I'm gunna make this for my little brother!

  7. i have a question for ya

  8. Excellent crafts video! I'll have to make this myself

  9. 3 Kids Fun says:

    Wow so cool 😊👍

  10. Could you guys add Bulstrode and bulgy who decides he wants revenge on duckon diesels team correct the series and could you show us how to make a Thomas plushie

  11. I LOVE YOU THOMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Can you make a Thomas fidget spinner?

  13. Nice DIY Turtoi- Turq- Um… How Do You Spell That Word Again?

  14. Another awesome craft!

  15. jorge maciel says:

    Who ever came up with these crafts must be very clever. Nice video, I really liked it. 👍

  16. Gen Scott says:

    that's brilliant

  17. When i was a Kid, i really love this show called Thomas and friends, but there is a rip-off of this, it is called "Chuggington", like engine in us that can shake their body and can attach by their hands in the bottom, and have few Characters, but Thomas and friends has plenty of Characters. So This is a Popular Kid Train Movie/Show, its about 34 Years of Thomas and Friends, well this is the best Kid show ever:)
    Since I'm a kid, i just Practice Making Steam engine Whistles without whistling with my Voice, so i like your show,

    I wonder if Mighty Macs Voice might be a Kid Voice actor:P

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